How Taking Simple Action Makes a Difference

Most people listen to what you have to say and never take action.  We all do it.

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a woman who saw me speak at the recent Brisbane SME Digital Marketing Conference 

If you missed the speech, it was called A 6 Month Online Marketing Plan – Absolutely No BS.  It was designed to be a very practical step by step plan of the things you need to do in your first six months online.

Anyway, I met the founder of the business that is Mama Y Bebe, an online retailer of Maternity sleepwear at a joint meeting.  She told me she watched the speech, went home and took action on one of the recommendations that I’d presented.

Her business had recently seen a dropoff in organic traffic after a new site launch, and she was puzzled and frustrated about why her traffic was dropping.

So she started looking at her site with new eyes and realised that there were a few simple things missing.

The site optimisation wasn’t done  Pages were not optimised to target the right keywords.

As a result, the site was slowly losing visibility in the search engines.

Unlike most people,  she did her research, took action and updated and optimised the pages on the site by herself.  The result is that she is now back in the rankings again.  Here organic traffic is starting to turn around and moving back to where it once was.

Simple right?

Take one recommendation and take action on it.  Repeat weekly, and you will be on your way to online success.

Want to Learn how to Do It Yourself?

I’ve just recently launched an online marketing course called “Grow Online Visibility” which shows you step by step in detail exactly how to do the things you need to make your business visible online.

It’s full of these recommendations you can implement for your business.

If you are interested in taking action and seeing the benefits then why don’t you check it out. At https://www.Grow Online  Be quick as the cart is closing down this Sunday.

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