Sydney Rhinoplasty Surgeon SEO Case Study

The Problem

Our client was Dr Gillian Dunlop, a Sydney Rhinoplasty Surgeon who’s site was not ranking for any of the key rhinoplasty terms.

As an experienced rhinoplasty Surgeon & ENT surgeon with 25 years of experience, she is a longstanding member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australasian Academy Of Facial Plastic Surgery (Treasurer 1999-2005, Executive Secretary 2020). Her main surgical interests are rhinoplasty and bat ear correction.

However, her site was not on page 1 for any of the main Sydney Rhinoplasty keywords.

A former SEO engagement had her build over 100 suburb landing pages which did rank for local suburb searches but had a negative impact on the site overall because the strategy of creating many hundreds of local landing pages, differentiated only by the suburb name is considered spammy and low quality by Google.

Her goal? To rank on page 1 for “Rhinoplasty Sydney” which has 1000 monthly searches as well as other relevant keyword terms used by her prospective patients.

The Solution

We identified the following problems that were stopping the site from performing for the target keyword terms.

  1. Spammy local landing pages – The site had close to 100 suburb landing pages which were essentially the same text with the suburb swapped out. These are considered spammy by Google and typically cause. a site to perform poorly.
  2. Poorly optimised page titles – Many of the pages, including the home page had poorly written page titles and meta descriptions which resulted in the pages simply not ranking for the target keywords terms.
  3. Multiple pages competing for the same keyword – There were a number of different pages on the site that were all optimised for the same keyword term. In that situation, Google cannot determine which is the right page to rank for a keyword search term.
  4. Too few backlinks – Backlinks, which are links from third-party websites to your website are one of the main ranking factors in Google. The site simply had too few backlinks when compared to the sites ranking on page 1.
  5. Insufficient on-page content – Google likes to see a certain amount of relevant, quality content on website pages. A comprehensive analysis of the pages of the site against high-ranking competitors showed that page 1 sites had more relevant copy on their pages.

To address these problems we implemented the following fixes.

  1. We removed the spammy local pages and redirected any traffic they were getting to the home page to remove the low-quality signals to Google.
  2. We updated the keyword research and rewrote all of the page titles and meta descriptions to help them rank better and convert browsers into visitors
  3. Where multiple pages were competing for the same ranking we consolidated them or changed the targeting of the least relevant page to allow the right page to rank.
  4. We submitted the website to over 200 quality local business directories to improve the website’s rankings. We also organise to publish guest posts on third-party websites to get high authority links to help the pages rank better.
  5. We updated the on-page content and wrote additional information to better educate prospects as well as improve Google’s understanding of the page so it could rank better.

The Results

The campaign was a 12-month SEO program of improvements. By the middle of the campaign, the site had already grown the number of keyword rankings as well as securing page 1 rankings for the client’s main target keyword.

This chart shows the growth in the # of keywords that the site is showing up for in Google search.
This chart shows the current top ranking keywords including the primary target “rhinoplasty sydney”.

As a result of this campaign, the client is now fielding a large number of patient inquiries. At the beginning of this campaign the website ranked on page 5 of the Google search results for “rhinoplasty Sydney” and it is now sitting in the middle of page 1.

What you should do now

If you’re looking for similar results for your business you should Contact us and we can discuss whether your business is a suitable candidate for one of our campaigns.