How to a Quick SEO Health Check

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Before you invest thousands of dollars on SEO,  take the time to do a quick SEO health check to make sure you know where you stand.


If you are spending any money on search engine optimisation, you want to know that your investment is working and you are getting a positive ROI.

Unfortunately, many businesses engage in link building, PR and other marketing campaigns without fully understanding how healthy their website is right now.

Knowing what your website problems are, what quick fixes are available,  and what your competition is doing,  can save you thousands of dollars of unnecessary marketing spend.

Because if you don’t fix what’s broken, if you don’t  target the quick wins and if you don’t counter your competitors, then you might as well quit the game now.

In this blog post,  I’m going to show you how to do a quick 10 minute SEO Health Check, so you will be better able to invest your marketing budget properly.

Here is what you are checking

Before you start putting in the effort to start doing keyword research, optimising your pages and promoting your site, it’s important that you do a quick health check to make sure your site is in a position to respond well to the work you do.

We will be using the following tools to conduct this site health check.

Both of these tools are free or have a free version that will be sufficient for doing our SEO health Check.

Here are the key things you want to check when doing your SEO Health Check.

#1 Check what keywords your site ranks for

We are going to use a tool called to see if our site is already being seen in the Google search results. If it is already ranking for some keywords, then there are probably no major issues that would stop it from responding to the work you are going to do.

If however the site gets found for no keywords, then that is a signal that something is wrong with your SEO.

#2 Check your backlinks

Backlinks are a key element in your site ranking well. I’m going to show you how to quickly check how many backlinks your site currently has.

#3 Check how quickly the site loads

Site load speed is a Google Ranking factor.  Sites that load slowly are considered to be a bad user experience and Google will drop sites in the rankings that consistently load slowly.

Slow loading sites are also a bad user experience.

#4 Check if your site has a Google Penalty

A Google penalty means that your site will not rank at all in Google. It is a critical issue.

If it looks like your site has been hit by a Google penalty, then this needs to be addressed by getting expert help to address it.