Our Team

Edmund Pelgen

Principal & Senior SEO Strategist

Edmund founded Online Kickstart in 2014 after selling out of his previous Agency and deciding to work more closely with leading e-commerce brands building their businesses on the Shopify Platform. Edmund has been working in SEO since 2005 and has developed and implemented successful SEO campaigns for some of Australia’s leading brands and for many hundreds of small businesses alike.

He is a partner in several e-commerce businesses, all built on Shopify and takes the knowledge he gains building his own e-commerce businesses and apply that to growing his client’s stores.

Sylvia Sarabia

Head of Client Success & Service Delivery

Sylvia is a native San Franciscan who has a background in digital marketing & SEO. Syliva has experience working with global companies with a speciality in tech, in different sectors of marketing such as customer experience as well as working with online B2B customer communities.

Sylvia leverages her global experience and SEO insight to help deliver successful SEO campaigns for our clients. She is responsible for managing our internal and external specialists and ensuring that they deliver successful SEO outcomes for our clients.

Jonel Parasdas

SEO Specialist

Jonel is our SEO specialist whose responsible for helping grow our Shopify clients through his skills at market and competitor research, backlink analysis and prospecting as well as finding and qualifying outreach prospects for our promotional PR campaigns.