New Skyscraper Technique Case Study – Attract Links with Content

content-strategy-post-image3For many small businesses link building is a pain. I’m in the industry and the old link hustle drives me crazy. Which is why this example I’m going to show you of creating a piece of Link Attraction content is so attractive.

It’s an approach that any business can replicate.

The strategy is called the Skyscraper Method”.

SEO’s have been doing this for ages but the term has been popularised by Brian Dean of Backlinko.

The approach is:

  1. Find a piece of content that is doing well in your market or space (attracting social shares and links)
  2. Build a bigger better version of it
  3. Promote the crap out of it by emailing people who linked to the first piece and other influencers

I like it because it’s easy to understand.

I’d add that if possible, make it an industry resource, a go to guide and evergreen if possible so that it has long term relevance.

Have a look at this most recent case study.

How To Generate 36,282 Readers — and 1,000 Email Subscribers — From Your Next Blog Post (Case Study)

NOTE: Yes it’s a three-step process BUT the results are proportional to the effort put in to write, design and promote it. Just look at the quality of the final piece of content in this case study..still for smaller niches and markets it just needs to better than what came before.

Any questions?