It’s NOW time to Secure Your Site with HTTPS

In the very near future, if your site is not running https, it will be flagged as not secure to visitors using Chrome and Firefox.

This will cause you to lose money as users bail from your site.

Google has been telling us to move our websites from HTTP to HTTPS for years.

Their stated goal being to provide an added layer of security to visitors who might otherwise be transacting or providing information on your site.

The bait has been the promise of higher rankings but now, rather than using bait, they are using the stick by having their browser flag your pages as insecure.

When you are ready to migrate your site use this excellent HTTP to HTTPS migration checklist by Aleyda Solis.

If you need someone to ride shotgun on the process and work with your web developer, feel free to contact me to chat.

Trust me, this is the time to make sure things are done right or else you run the risk of losing those hard won rankings in Google.