How we helped Queen Street Medical Centre Dominate Local Search

The Problem

Queen Street Medical Centre came to us with no website and no online visibility. Without a visible website, they relied on referrals and traditional patient generation strategies like the Yellow Pages.

Given the central location of the business right on the Brisbane City Mall, we felt that with the right technical foundations, they should be able to expect strong visibility in local search within Brisbane for their services.

The Solution

The key to getting them found online was understanding that as a local business, the majority of their customers were going to be within walking distance of the practice.

Workers in the CBD typically visit a doctor in their lunch hour so most are looking for a close, local practice to go to.

We implemented our SEO Foundations campaign which has the goal of ensuring that all of the key elements for success in organic search are in place.

Understand How people look for a local doctor or medical practice

Our keyword research identified several ways people in the Brisbane CBD searched for a local doctor or medical practice.

Brisbane City Medical Centre & Doctors keywords

Optimise the site to target those keywords

The next step was simply to optimise the pages of the site so that Google would rank them accordingly.

This process is called on page optimisation and involves writing keyword rich but conversion focused page titles and meta descriptions, as well as making the there is sufficient, relevant content on the pages and that the page was logically structured.

Page Title & Meta Description

Set up & Optimise Google My Business

The next step was to add the business to Google’s own My Business system. This is how you get your business in Google Maps and allow Google to better understand “who” you are and “where” you are located.

Queen Street Medical Centre Google My Business Listing

Build local links and citations

The next step involved building out high quality local links and citations to send external signals to Google that this in fact was a real business and that the name, address and phone number on these listings correctly matched the entity we had set up in Google My Business.

The Results

Ultimately, the only results that matter are increased patient bookings. However we are able to track and measure the impact of our SEO work my monitoring data points like growth in # of keywords ranking, ranking positions, increased keyword impressions in Google search console and of course, organic traffic growth.

Estimated Traffic Growth
Keyword Rankings

What you should do now

If you’re looking for similar results for your business you should Contact us and we can discuss whether your business is a suitable candidate for one of our campaigns.