Two Quick E-commerce Traffic Hacks for Fashion Retailers

Many small retailers  are missing out of a lot of potential traffic from search engines because they are poorly optimised when they launch their websites.

They may have the top line keyword targeting done, say women’s clothing for example but if that is where they have stopped, then they are leaving a lot of money on the table.

I recently  had the opportunity to review a local retailer’s website which sold high-end women’s fashion.

Here are two immediate opportunities I spotted that were not being leveraged.which you can easily replicate on your own website

If you are in a similar business,  you can easily replicate these improvements on your own website

Create Optimised Product Categories for Product Use or Application

The business sells high-end women’s fashion on the Sunshine Coast.

So the clothing category was optimised with the page title and H1 as follows:


However,  a quick analysis of the way people search for high-end fashion shows that people search according to  use.

  • Evening Wear
  • Evening Wear+ location
  • Evening Dresses
  • Evening Dresses +location
  • Formal Wear
  • Formal Wear + location
  • Race Day Dresses
  • Ball Dresses
  • Ball Dresses + location

There are thousands of monthly searches around these themes and several hundred when modified for the specific location.

These represent a much better traffic opportunity than “High-End Fashion Sunshine Coast” which gets ZERO monthly searches.

Create Pages for the Brands or Designers You Sell

This is a common mistake I see on many sites.  A page is created to showcase the designers or brands and they simply lump them all in one page.

For example,  this site had the designers listed on a page optimised for “Designer Fashion Sunshine Coast”


People don’t search for that phrase.  A quick look in the Google Keyword planner would provide the data to support that.

Asking your customers to tell you how they search online would provide better insight into how people in this space search.

Using  to quickly assess one of the brands, Desigual,  showed the following search volume and behaviour.


So we can see that people search for their favourite brands with location modifiers.  They are obviously looking for local retailers who carry their brands.

So even if the search volumes are low it makes sense to create a brand page and optimise it to target “Desigual on the Sunshine Coast”

An example of a page title and meta description that would do a  far better job of getting found and converting the searcher is this one below.


I found these two hacks within 5 minutes of looking at the site.

Take the time to look at your own website with fresh eyes.

Better yet, try to understand how your potential customers search online which will allow you to spot easy targeting opportunities like these two.