3 Things You Can Do Now to get a Ton of Targeted Organic Traffic [VIDEO]

Today’s Content Marketing Q&A question comes from Gideon Shalwick, founder of Veeroll.com. Gideon Ask’s “What three things could I do to get a ton of targeted organic traffic to my site.” My response is focused primarily on three easy and quick strategies that anyone could do. Let me know what you think in the comments? Agree or disagree?



Hey, it’s Edmund Pelgen and welcome to today’s content marketing Q and A. Today’s question comes from Gideon Shalwick and Gideon asks, “If I could only do three things to my website to get a ton of targeted, organic traffic, what would those three things be?” And in the question is the answer: targeted, organic traffic. So, I’m not going to talk about JVs, I’m not going to talk about social media. It’s targeted, organic traffic.

So what three things can I do to a website to get targeted traffic from Google? So the first thing I would do, I would do very comprehensive on-site optimizations. What that is, I see a ton of websites that got a lot of authority, a lot of good quality links fully optimized, no keyword targeting out of the gate. If you fixed the optimization, if you fixed the on page stuff, the internal linking, get rid of the duplicate content. Fix that, your site will pop into the search.

The second thing I would do is publish a ton of what I’m calling conversion content. So what you do is you take every single question that anyone has ever asked you about your business or your product. Get all of your style stuff together, list all those questions on a whiteboard and then write a blog post, video or podcast, and answer every single one of those questions and publish it to your website. Why? Because they’re very long-tailed, typically low-volume but very specific search phrases and what you’ll find is they’re very easy to rank for and if your competition hasn’t answered that question, then you’re going to get that very specific targeted organic traffic.

The third thing I would do is start to publish a ton of what I call curated news. Curated news content is basically commenting on stories that are relevant to your industry and news content. Given that it’s new, it’s topical, it’s fresh, it’s relatively easy to rank for.

A classic example might be in an automotive blog where they’re releasing news about a new vehicle. You might reference a story on one of the major auto mags but publish a blog post on your blog, right? So when people see the new Mustang’s coming out, they’ll go and search for it, and if you have a blog posting about that new Mustang, then typically it’ll be easier to rank for.

I’ve created a ton of that stuff. I’ve published similar strategies on client sites on a very aggressive basis and over a short period of time we see a lot of long-tailed traffic hit the site and it’s targeted because it’s about the news of the industry. Once they land on your website, they see what you do, what you’re selling and they start to opt-in to your product or service and at least you get that brand awareness.

So the three things I’d do . . . did I say four? I meant three. One, fix the on-site optimization, very aggressively fix that. Number two, create a ton of conversion content, answer your customers’ questions and publish to the website. Number three, publish a ton of curated news, topical, relevant, timely news content to your website.

So those are the three things I would do to get a ton of targeted organic traffic to your website. If you’ve got any more questions, post them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks.