Why Choose WooCommerce to Build your eCommerce Business

WooCommerce has seen massive growth since its inception and rollout into the market place and its adoption by the dedicated community WooCommerce community has been nothing short of astonishing.

I’ve always believed that business owners should always choose the solution that provides them the most flexibility and the combination of WordPress and the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin creates the ideal blend of low cost, high feature set and flexibility that is ideal for people looking to get a viable business online quickly.

Here are my 4 reasons why WooCommerce is my eCommerce Business Building Platform of Choice.

The WordPress Ecosystem is Everywhere

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world.  Hands down!

Having started life as a simple open source blogging platform, it has since evolved into an extremely powerful, feature rich but most importantly accessible system for new website owners.

Besides powering millions of websites around the world, the capabilities of the software have been extended by the thousands of plugin developers and premium theme developers who themselves have created viable businesses serving the WordPress community.

And WooCommerce is built on this platform which means that in one single piece of software you get a feature rich eCommerce software system and blogging system rolled into one.

WooCommerce has Momentum

WooCommmerce Hits 500k

WooCommerce hit 500,00 downloads within 16 months of its launch.  As of February 2013 they are close to releasing the version 2.0 upgrade of the WooCommerce Plugin.

As a user of WooCommerce i have observed the rapid growth in the number of theme designers choosing to release website designs for Woocommerce.  In fact the best example of this is the number of designs available for sale in the Themeforest Themes Marketplace.

As of writing this blog post the # of WooCommerce themes that you can see available in this category https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/ecommerce/woocommerce is 50.  The next nearest WordPress eCommerce plugin has only 14 themes and that number has not changed in quite a while.

The Price is Right

Actually the plugin is free and you can download it at https://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/.

But the price of something is more than just the cost of buying the software.  Many eCommerce systems have quite a steep learning curve and can be complex to install and configure.

The price you pay in time learning how to do it yourself or the price you pay a developer to do it for you can exceed many thousands of dollars.

With the WooCommerce plugin I can  have a shop live and operational, ready to process transactions using Paypal, within 15 minutes.

If you want to expand the core functionality of the site then you can purchase any of the WooCommerce and third party plugins that expand the core functionality of the site.

You can Quickly Earn a Living with WooCommerce

Once of my WooCommerce drop ship sites that used the core functionality of the plugin and  simple premium theme earned $28,964 in 12 months!

The return on time invested in setting up the site itself was amazing.

Freelancers and small business owners can earn additional streams of revenue either by operating their own eCommerce sites or providing consulting and other marketing services around the core product.

WooCommerce’s simplicity makes it easy to learn, easy to use and easy to teach.

This is why we only sell WooCommerce eCommerce websites on OnlineKickstart.

WooCommerce can Scale

The common misperception is that WordPress eCommerce sites are ok for small businesses but really big sites need enterprise level software to run on.  Well that is a crock as far as I’m concerned.

With the right enterprise level hosting, proper configuration, strong security and optimisations, WordPress and WooCommerce can scale beautifully.

In fact I know of several major eCommerce sites from big brands that are using this combination to make massive online sales.

Large enterprises can gain an advantage using WordPress by getting a site live quickly and affordably and start iterating features immediately rather than getting caught in the long development and implementation cycles so typical of large enterprise software projects.

If you are interested in WooCommerce check it out here.

Alternatively if you are interested in a site of your own check out some of our eCommerce websites built on WooCommerce.

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