Grow your web agency by adding SEO services

We can show you how to sell and deliver an SEO Campaign that will provide massive value for your clients without adding extra staff or overheads and without having to become an SEO expert.

What is the opportunity?

As a web developer, you realise the success of your design depends on how well it serves the needs of site visitors and gets them to take the actions that your client wants.

That assumes, that the site can get found in Google search when it goes live.

And from our experience, whenever traffic tanks after new site launch, it’s often you, the web developer who gets the blame.

You can potentially double your income by selling an SEO Foundations campaign with each your web design projects. You benefit from more sales while your clients benefit with an SEO optimised traffic generating website

Here at Online Kickstart, we’ve partnered with many web design agencies who bundle our SEO Foundations campaign with their website project.

The SEO Foundations campaign is a fixed cost SEO campaign that ensures that your client’s website goes live:

  • Optimised to target the right keywords
  • Is visible in Google Maps
  • Is technically sound and optimised to perform in mobile search
  • Has all of the foundational links to help it rank.

Our SEO agency delivers this campaign for $A3,500 day in day out because it provides massive value for business owners, getting them found in Google and making sure their investment in your website is not wasted.

Now, most small web design agencies sell their small business websites from between $3,000 to $6,000.

Imagine adding an additional $3,500 (minimum) to every website you sell.

SEO Foundations Training for Web Designers

Our SEO Foundations Training for web designers provides.


Weekly Coaching

Our 4-week coaching program provides you with our proven marketing and service delivery processes and templates to help you deliver your own SEO Foundations campaign to your clients


Templates, Training & Checklists

You get access to our detailed seo project plan, video training, templates & checklists to allow you to deliver the SEO Foundations campaign.


Private Slack Channel

You get direct access to Edmund Pelgen via a private slack group for course participants to answer questions and provide support


100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to make back your investment by the time the training is complete and will coach you in how to sell the SEO Foundations campaign to your clients. If you have not managed to make a sale within 6 weeks we will refund your investment upon request.

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