We help High Growth Shopify Brands make more sales from Google Search.

Many high-growth Shopify brands have built their businesses on the back of effective but expensive paid and social media strategies.

However, many have neglected to implement best practice SEO and as a result don’t get found in Google for searches for their products.

We can help you get found in organic search, get new customers and sell more online.

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How We Help

We use our understanding of the unique features of the Shopify platform and our experience implementing SEO strategies for over 10 years to help Shopify & Shopify Plus store owners all over the world sell more online by increasing the traffic they get from Organic Search.

Shopify is a robust, reliable and scalable platform for growing, direct-to-consumer brands.

However, as a hosted e-commerce platform, there are constraints within which you need to work, one of these being how to optimise the platform to perform well in organic search.

We have a strong history working with growing e-commerce brands using Shopify Plus and helping optimise their sites for SEO, and getting them great results.

We consider ourselves Shopify SEO Experts, and can help you get the most from your Shopify or Shopify Plus sites.

We have extensive industry experience helping Shopify & Shopify Plus stores grow their rankings, traffic and sales from organic search. We can work effectively with your current marketing team and partners and we’re great at delivering tangible SEO results.

What We Provide


Proven Results

We have wide industry experience delivering Shopify SEO results for our national clients.



We provide complete access to our proven SEO methodology, tools & templates.



We choose to only work with clients for whom we can generate positive long term results

Frequently Asked Questions