How to Use Curated News to Bring Targeted Visitors to Your Business Blog

Here is a very powerful tactic for helping you create high volumes of on topic content that will boost the number of targeted visitors to your business blog with minimal effort.

It’s a tactic used by most large publishers and blogs but unfortunately completely underutilised by most businesses.

The challenge of Quality versus Quantity

How do you increase your content output without sacrificing quality?

You’ve been told to publish more content on your blog because more content is supposed to help you attract more targeted traffic to your website.  It makes sense.  More content equals more pages to get found in search engines.

However scaling quality content production is a hell of a challenge.  Generating topics, allocating writers, checking for quality, managing the publishing schedule.  It can all be overwhelming if you are trying to write epic content each time.

What do you do?

The solution is to use Curated News Blog Posts to help you add quality content to your business blog that will actually do you some good.

What are Curated News Blog Posts?

A curated news blog post is simply a blog post that shares a recent news story and provides your businesses perspective on the story, before linking to the original source.

Don’t think however that the simplicity of this idea gives you permission to be lazy and to just cut and paste from the story and share the link.

Providing value to your reader is what makes this type of blog post work.

These type of blog posts form the back bone of many highly trafficked blogs.  Examples include:

Why are they good for your business blog?

  1. They are on topic – If you are commenting about a story that is relevant to your market, your industry or your business then odds are you are writing about a topic that people who are prospective customers of yours will also be interested.
  2. They are unique – If you follow the simple guidelines below and take the time to add your opinion and not simply copy and paste from the original source,  then you are creating a unique piece of content that exists nowhere else on the web.
  3. They are perfect for social sharing – Short, informative blog posts are the ideal content that you can share to Twitter or Facebook (and that others can share as well) bringing you those ever important social sharing signals that Google loves to see.
  4. They are quick and easy to produce – Compared to the effort required to write an epic blog post, they are quick and easy to produce
  5. They can help you build a social media audience – If you are selective about the stories that you curate, comment on and share, then your blog may become a followed source of news for your market – growing an audience of fans and followers and potential customers.
  6. Google loves to rank news stories highly and quickly depending on the nature of the story.  Sometimes you can take advantage of this by piggybacking on a story to get extra traffic in a process called News Jacking.

How to Write a Kick Ass Curated News Post

The key thing to a successful curated news blog post is to never forget the reader and always add value.

[pullquote align=”right”]Your curated news post should be good enough that the reader does not need to read the original source and is willing to share your summary on social media..[/pullquote]

  1. Get your news from only the best sources.  Quality and timeliness and not  having the same “me too” stories to comment on are hallmarks of good news curators.
  2.  Communicate what is important. Here is what happened – a quick summary of the key points.  Here is what it means to you.  Here is my unique perspective on it.  If you want to find out more follow the link to the original source.
  3. Share to social media.  Share your news posts to your social media channel in the same way that you share interesting resources and finds.
  4. Use quality images – A strong image is very important to getting content shared, especially in Facebook and Google Plus which are both very  visual social platforms.
  5. Optimise your blog post for search and discovery – This means having an understanding of how people are looking for the story in search by doing a little keyword research and checking out social media activity.  Write optimised page titles and meta descriptions and use Hashtags when sharing in social media.

The curated news blog post is an ideal way that any business blog can generate quality content at sufficient volumes to help impact search traffic.  The content is easy to produce,  relevant to your specific audience, leverages search engines interest in popular topics and can place your blog or site in front of new prospects as they discover your brand as they read the news.

For an example of how I am using this strategy check out my own “Found Online” blog category which is an example of this in practice.

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