Three Keys to Successful Digital Marketing

Don’t spend a dollar on SEO, PPC or Facebook Ads until you get these three things right.

Here’s a digital marketing tip for you.

Before you spend money on an SEO Agency, before you spend money on a PPC agency, before you spend money writing content.

Do these things first.


Test your site speed. Make sure your website loads quickly, make sure it’s mobile responsive. Make sure your infrastructure is good.


Make sure you have analytics installed. Make sure you have all of the tracking and measurement systems in place so you can measure the performance of the Web site so you can measure th e ROI on your marketing spend.


Make sure you have the right content in place on your website. Make sure you have content on your services pages that tell customers what you are about what you sell and how it can benefit them.

Without those three things in place, no amount of traffic you send to your Web site is going to convert into sales.

Remember. Infrastructure, Analytics, Content. Good luck.

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