The Requirements of Modern SEO

Last month an article was published on called Why Modern SEO Requires Almost No Technical Expertise.  It completely blew up on the internet at currently has received thousands of shares in social media.

In this Whiteboard Friday Video, Rand Fishkin refutes the post and goes into detail about what exactly is required to be effective at Modern SEO.

What’s my Opinion?

The idea that you can ignore the technical elements of SEO and just spend your time thinking up quaint blog post titles and playing on social media is a completely wrong.

My personal experience is that it’s in the technical details where massive gains can be had, especially on large websites with many thousands of pages.

Simple technical tweaks can have  massive impact by improving how pages get indexed and ranked in Google, by improving onsite optimisations, improving internal linking, improving website performance, and much much more.

I think it’s a lazy mind that embraces this sort of thinking.  When I started out in SEO all of the technical stuff was new to me but by learning from the right people and taking the time to educate myself I am a better SEO today than I would be without that knowledge.

Have a look at the image below and look at the column on the right to see all of the simple technical issues that are opportunities to improve your websites’ visibility.


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