Your Shopify Store Might be Missing Out on 30% Of its Sales


Our data shows that SEO generates 30-40% of traffic and sales of our Shopify Stores.

Would that make a difference to your business?


Paid Ads Getting Expensive?

You run a Shopify store and you’ve grown rapidly on the back of creative social media and paid traffic campaigns.

…but paid traffic isn’t getting any cheaper. Ad costs are going up, there are more competitors and if you stop spending on ads, your sales tank.

In your rush to grow, you may not have considered Search Engine Optimisation as a traffic strategy..until now.

Working on our own Shopify stores and our client Shopify stores shows that a well-executed SEO campaign is driving anywhere between 30-40% of a stores overall traffic and sales.

This is free traffic that comes in month after month, so you can make sales without having to pay expensive ongoing advertising costs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love paid traffic. I think it’s a great complement to SEO traffic and can be used to supercharge your sales.

But adding an extra 30% to traffic and sales is literally a business changing level of sales.

SEO is that 30% Extra Sales Boost Your Business Needs!

Recent data shows that Google search accounts for over 70% of global search traffic.

What are people doing in Google?

Look at your own behaviour.

When you want to buy something you start by researching your options, reading reviews and when you’re ready to buy, you Google search the product.

Most of the clicks go to organic search results, not the ads.

It’s Page 1 or Nowhere

Being on page 1 of the search results in Google is super important because the first 5 ranking positions get almost 70% of the clicks.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will have your pages ranking for sales generating keyword rankings that bring buying customers to your shop day and night.

Imagine going to bed and waking up to a list of orders ready to be fulfilled.

So if you’re ranking on page 2 of Google, you can kiss any sales goodbye.

In fact, a recent analysis conducted by First Page shows that a #1 organic search result gets 39.6% of the clicks which is double that of position #2 which is 18.4%.

Click through rates of page 1 search result positions

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

Shopify is an amazing platform that helps you make sales and grow an e-commerce business quickly.

Our own internal research into what website platform shows up the most in the women clothing retail search results in Australia shows that Shopify sites make up almost 40% of the sites in the top 100 search results.

That’s a testament to how well the Shopify platform does with SEO.

Like with any platform, there are the basics of SEO you need to attend to. Things like proper keyword research, page optimisation and link building.

But there are some Shopify specific SEO tweaks that we need to make to really let the platform perform in Google search.

And Shopify does a few things differently from other platforms. It’s knowing what they are so you can work around them or take advantage of them which really puts the fire under traffic.

And when everything comes together, Shopify sites shoot up in the e-commerce rankings.

Our SEO Approach to Kickstarting your Shopify Sales

Our approach to SEO has been developed over many years of working with some of Australia’s leading e-commerce brands such as Lorna Jane, Super A-Mart, Status Anxiety & Petal & Pup.

We’ve achieved great results for them by adhering to best practice SEO techniques and incorporating Shopify specific optimisations that allow stores to rank and make sales.

In fact, we only work with Shopify brands so we can develop and refine what’s working with other Shopify stores and apply that knowledge to your store.

Our process is:

What Does a Successful Shopify Store Look Like?

Here’s a screenshot of the performance of one of our own Shopify shops.

This is a small store that was started at the beginning of the pandemic.

  • Visibility in Google search for over 700 keywords.
  • 55 Keywords on page 1,
  • Another 58 on page 2 ready to move onto page 1
  • Generating over $40,000 in sales a month
  • Organic traffic and direct traffic responsible for over 50% of those sales.

Notice the drop in paid traffic spend as organic traffic takes over?

Organic Traffic Growth from SEO in one of our Shopify Stores

In Six Months your store could be an SEO Sales Generating Machine

If you do nothing, your store will never get found and will never make sales from SEO.

You will be locked into a competitive treadmill of running Facebook & Google Ads to make any sales at all.

We live and breathe Shopify SEO because we run our own Shopify shops and use the same techniques that we apply to our very own businesses to help our clients.

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