How to Supercharge your Shopify Plus Investment

When rolling out global websites simply “Cutting & Pasting” your websites will not help them rank in organic search.

Without properly optimising your sites for unique in-country differences, you will never rank for relevant, transactional keywords in those countries.

How to rank your global Shopify sites in Google

Launching global shops in multiple countries without optimising them for SEO in their country is a recipe for disaster. Poorly optimised sites never rank for transactional terms and they can even rank in the wrong country, impacting your sales and making life tough for your customers.

Here’s how we rank your global Shopify sites in Google.

Address Shopify Specific technical issues

Shopify is one of the most powerful and flexible platforms to build a thriving eCommerce brand on. But it also has some unique quirks and features that can negatively impact how the site performs in Google. Duplicate URL’s & excessive tags are just some of the issues we address to allow Shopify to perform better in organic search.

Optimise for Local Search Behaviour

Customers in each country have their own way of searching online. Different keywords, language, seasons, competitors and content are all considerations when you are looking to rank a site in a country other than your own. You can’t simply copy and paste site optimisations from one site to another and hope that they rank well in both countries. We do comprehensive local keyword and competitor research to ensure we are optimising for local conditions.

Understand country-specific links

Each country has its own unique ecosystem of links that your competitors acquire links from. We take the time to understand where each countries competitors get their links from and feed that into your own SEO strategy.

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