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Our strategic SEO audit gives you clarity and insight.

It is designed to do the following.

  1. It will tell you how your site is currently performing so you have clarity about where you sit when compared to the competition.
  2. It will tell you how your competitors are doing in terms of rankings and traffic and exactly what they did to get there.
  3. It will give you insight into the content and link building strategies that are being used by your most successful competitors
  4. It will give you a checklist of technical issues that are holding back your site from performing
  5. It will provide you with a step by step strategy about how to improve your position and compete successfully in your market.

Many businesses start an SEO or digital marketing campaign based on a price or SEO package they were offered, rather than considering what their current position is and what they need to do to compete effectively in their market.

This can lead to an SEO campaign that does not take advantage of your natural advantages; that doesn't counter the advantages of your competitors, or take into account the competitiveness of your market.


What are some of the things we look at?

Here are some of the areas of analysis that we cover in our strategic SEO audit.

Technical Issues

One of the most important things we look at as part of our audit is whether your site is technically sound and optimised to perform in organic search. Some of the things we look at when analysing your site's technical performance are:

  • Site load speed
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • On page optimisation
  • On page content structure and comprehensiveness
  • The way internal pages are linked together
  • Whether there are any duplicate content issues
  • How the pages are marked up

Improving technical problems are the low hanging fruit. Improvements here feed into all aspects of your digital marketing and organic performance.

The results of a comprehensive site crawl and analysis

Organic Visibility

Organic Visibility refers to what keywords your site ranks for and how many it has secured rankings for.

A healthy site ranks highly for many relevant, high volume keyword phrases along the whole buyer journey,  From the problem discovery phrase to the conversion focused phase when they are looking for a local supplier or service provider.

Not only do we analyse the organic visibility of your site but we also look at what your competitors are ranking for.

Chart showing the organic footprint of insurance companies

Comprehensive website audit

By analysing which pages on your competitor's websites we can infer whether they are relying on just a few pages to attract organic traffic or whether they are using a more comprehensive content strategy to target and rank for many long tail keywords.

This will tell you what content strategy you will need to follow to compete with them organic search.

This chart shows the estimated traffic being driven by specific pages on a site.

Next Steps

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