Take the Guesswork out of Building Quality Links

This proven link building strategy builds links by creating and promoting content to people who have linked to similar content in the past.

And, we guarantee to keep promoting your content until we have secured links from 10 quality referring domains.

How Does It Work? 

Step 1


We find a piece of content in your market that has attracted a lot of backlinks, but might be old, outdated or not particularly well designed.

Step 2


We create a better, more comprehensive & valuable piece of content which you review and publish on your website.

Step 3


We then reach out to everyone who linked to the previous piece of content and let them know about your updated version.

What do you Get?

  1. You will receive a comprehensively written article or blog post complete with images and formatting to publish on your site.
  2. We will promote your article until we acquire a minimum of 10 referring domains for the article we publish.  We will continue to work and do outreach until we have acquired at least 10 links.

Our Link Building Guarantee

  1. If we have not acquired at least 10 referring domains within the two months of the start of your campaign, we will continue working until we do so.
  2. If we don't acquire the requisite 10 referring domains within four months of the commencement of your campaign, you can request a proportional refund for the links that we have not yet acquired. So if we only get 8 referring domains, we will refund you the cost of two. 

How is this strategy better than other link building strategies?

What about Sponsored Guest Posts?

Sponsored guest posting is being aggressively exploited by SEO's, with Google penalising sites that openly sell placement for a fee.  

The cost of securing a placement on a good blog can be anywhere from $US250 to several thousand dollars.  

Furthermore, many sites that offer sponsored guest posts are simply fake sites on Private Blog Networks, dressed up to look real.  

Using Private Blog Networks

Private blog networks are fake sites that are created for the purpose of publishing generic, low-quality content with an embedded link back to your site.  

These are against Google's terms of service and when they get identified by Google, they typically get de-indexed so their links no longer work.  

You can also get penalised.  If you are a real business, why take the risk?

Case Studies

Global Shipping Fulfilment Company

The Situation

Fulfillment Company is a leading provider of international crowdfunding and e-commerce fulfilment, recognized for fast and cost-effective worldwide shipping services. However, like most businesses they needed more traffic and more customers, they needed people to be familiar with their brand and aware that Fulfillment Company is an option

The Strategy

Fulfillment Company implemented the  Skyscraper SEO strategy to improve their visibility and searchability (rank) over all of their desired keywords. We created two articles a month and brought in (and continue to bring in) 10 new referring domains per article.

Referring Domains Growth

Organic Traffic Growth

Leads Growth

SEO Company

The Situation

We implemented the Skyscraper strategy to build out a range of quality links to this website.  Www.OnlineKickstart.com.  The site was relatively new and had the standard range of local citations and needed some quality authoritative links to improve overall domain authority, rankings and traffic.

The Strategy

The strategy was focused on creating the most informative and resourceful guide on the cost of SEO, which is a topic that many people in the digital marketing industry are interested in.  After a detailed analysis of the existing content in the market, we created the blog post How Much Does SEO Cost.

Referring Domains Growth

Organic Traffic Growth


Industrial Metals Supply

The Situation

The company is a key supplier of forged non-ferrous products to the aerospace, oil and gas, power equipment, superconductor, semiconductor and material processing industries.

The Strategy

The strategy was to improve their visibility and searchability (rank) over all of their desired keywords by creating and performing outreach for an article a month which brought in (and continue to bring in) 10 new referring domains per article.

Referring Domains Growth

Organic Traffic Growth


Ready to get started?

  1. Sign up using the button below.  The investment is $1,500 + GST (This works out to be $150 per placement)
  2. Complete a short business questionnaire 
  3. We do our research to identify highly linked articles we can target
  4. We create a better, more relevant, higher quality version for you to publish on your site
  5. We do outreach to those who linked to the old version, promoting yours
  6. We keep working until we acquire a minimum of 10 referring domains. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a one-off campaign or ongoing?

The skyscraper link building campaign is a one off campaign involving the creation and promotion of a single piece of content until we acquire a minimum of 10 referring domains.  You can sign up to multiple campaigns at a time.

How long does it take to complete the campaign?

Typical campaigns take about two months to complete. In the first week, we will focus on content research and creation.  Outreach typically takes a month but can last up to two months for each piece of content. We will keep working until we acquire a minimum of 10 referring domains linking back to your site.

What are the steps in delivering the campaign?

When you complete your order you will be sent to a short questionnaire to complete.

Shortly (within a day or two) you'll receive an email with suggested target articles to choose from. Until then just sit tight, we're hard at work finding the right target article to skyscrape for you.

Phase 1: Research and Target article selection. Your input is needed to finalize/approve the target article.

Phase 2: Copywriting and Link Documentation. Your input is needed to edit/approve the content and possibly publishing it on your site. We include free publishing to your blog/site. If you have not selected this in the Getting Started form, just hit reply and let us know you'd like to have us post it for you.

Phase 3: Outreach/Link Acquisition. This is a 3 week phase where we send emails and call website owners, authors, and bloggers who linked to the previous (target) article and request that they link to your new/current article. We wait a week for replies after we send each volley to allow for enough time for the authors to respond.

Phase 4: Reporting. We will send a full accounting of all the sites we reached out to and the results, both links acquired and feedback received from each site. 

Where are your backlinks coming from?
The backlinks we will be acquiring are from blogs or websites that have linked to the older, less valuable version of the article we have written for you.  We will contact these publishers and ask that they update their link to point to your version fo the article.
Do you have examples of the articles you will be writing?

Sure. Here are two examples of skyscraper articles that have been produced.



Where are the links placed in the article?
It is completely up to the owner of the website. The reality is that most links are editorially given so typically replace the link that was there previously.
Who does the outreach email come from?

Emails are sent out from our outreach specialist.  We explain who we are and we do not pretend to work for your company.

How do you choose the topic of the article?

The topic is selected based on the target audience and what other content has achieved success (in terms of the number of referring domains) in the past.

We look for a combination of content that received 80 or more referring domains (unique backlinks from individual websites) – and content that is old, outdated or just poor performing.

We select three examples (suggested target articles) that could be used as the basis for a skyscraper. You are able to choose which of those articles to focus on. If we missed the mark in those three suggestions we can develop more suggestions until we get it correct.