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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO focuses on helping you get found in Google when potential customers in your area do a Google search for a business in their area.

They are typically looking for a local to do business with.

Think plumber, electrician, doctor, Physio.

Regular old SEO is about ranking for keywords that don’t include a local element.

Think Cheap Car Insurance, that sort of thing.

Why is Local SEO so important?

Google is the reason why local SEO is such a big deal.

Google is Dominant in Search & Mobile

You might think of Google as just the search engine. It is and happens to be the dominant search engine, used by almost 100% of people.

But they also own the Android phone operating system which runs on over 80% of mobile phones in the market?

They also sell mobile phones like the Google Pixel.  
And they also own the Chrome Browser which is being used by over 60% of all users accessing the internet.

This means they have an amazing ability to know exactly where you are and what you are looking for at any point in time.

Google Delivers Custom Search Results based on Location

In fact, they are so good at knowing where you are that you don’t have to use your location in a search.

Remember when you searched for “Plumber Sydney CBD”?

Well if you are actually in the Sydney CBD, just search for “Plumber” and Google will just give you a list of the nearest plumbers serving the Sydney CBD.

With all of this information about you, this means Google can and does deliver to you search results based on your location.

And your results change, wherever you are located.

Google Provides the Best Search Results

Google is hell-bent on delivering the best search results for their users so they keep using Google.

And if they keep using Google, they can keep selling ads. Make sense?

You need to be optimised for local search.

How do I get found in local search?

The process of getting found in Google is pretty straightforward.

But despite this, many people still get it wrong.

Here’s the process in a nutshell.

1 - Mobile Optimised Website

The first ‘must haves’ is that you need a well designed, fast loading, mobile optimised website. Meaning it works on phones and loads fast.

2 - List in Google My Business

The next thing is to help Google understand who you are and what you do or sell. The way you do this is by listing your business in their free Google My Business system. It allows you to upload a bunch of information about your business but most importantly, it allows you to tell Google exactly what your business is or does. (This is super important but a lot of people get this wrong.)

3 - Verify Your Location

The third thing is to tell Google exactly where your business is located and the area that your business sells to. This is so they know where to rank your website in the little google maps that appear on mobile phones when potential customers are close to you.

4 - Build Quality Local Links & Citations

And finally, you need to get third-party endorsements that confirm to Google that you are who you say you are and you’re located where you say you’re located.  You do this by having your business name, address and phone number listed on as many quality, relevant third party websites as possible. Things like directories and industry websites.

5 - Get Business Reviews

And finally, you need to get positive reviews on your Google My Business listing.

Build Quality Local Citations & Links


Acquire quality reviews


What kind of results can you expect from doing well in Local SEO?

Queen Street Medical Centre

With a brand new website, it was critical that Queen Street Medical Centre secure good visibility for inner-city Brisbane searches for local doctors and medical centres.

Based on the local SEO work e conducted the site secured and maintained strong organic rankings and Google maps rankings which generated thousands of visits and patients to the business.


Collins Place Physio

Collins Place Physio was struggling with flat traffic growth and poor visibility on local search due to duplicate My Business listings and too few quality local citations.  Addressing these issues boosted their organic traffic such that they saw some of their best inquiry numbers in response to the new rankings in the Melbourne CBD.  In fact, patient inquiries were up 50% on the previous year in some months.


“We’ve had to put on additional staff to allow us to run extra pilates classes with all of the new inquiries we’re getting”

Mary Knappman

North Parramatta Physio

“I’m not taking any new patients until June next year because we’re so booked out”

Tanya Flack

Tanya Flack Sydney Naturopath

“We’ve had a fantastic month of patient bookings with October being our second best month ever.  Bookings are up 50% on the same time last year”

Mariana Stamatapoulos

Collins Place Physio

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