Is your site struggling to generate traffic, leads and sales?

The SEO Kickstart Campaign can help.

This campaign is designed to do the following.

  1. Optimise your site to put it in front of customers searching for you in Google 
  2. Identify technical problems so your site can rank as it was intended to
  3. Set up your analytics and tracking systems so you can measure if your marketing is paying its way
  4. Set you up in Google Maps so local customers can find you on their mobile devices
  5. Build quality local links that will boost your rankings in search engines
  6. Build quality guest post links to boost your website authority and rankings
  7. Give you advice on how to capture leads, and build retargeting audiences so you can market to visitors who have left your site

It is a  four-month campaign that is designed to help sites small and large get found and do better online.

Do these problems sound familiar?

Most small businesses are familiar with at least a  few of these problems.

  1. You "Google your business" and you are not the number one position for your own brand.  
  2.  You get no inquiries off your website.  When you ask people how they found you they either say they were referred to you or they found you on some local directory site.
  3. You don't know what keywords your website ranks for, but it sure doesn't rank for the keywords you feel you should be ranking for.
  4. When you do a local search where you expect to see your business, it is not on the Google maps.
  5. You really have no idea whether your site is doing good or bad because everyone is giving you the hard sell and want you to "sign off" first.
  6. You have no automated ways of capturing leads and turning them into customers
  7. You just don't know where to start.

If these sound familiar then this is the SEO campaign for you.


How do we get these results for your business?

Here are the exact steps we follow in this campaign.

You can follow the steps below yourself or engage us to do it for you.

Step One - Analyse

Our goal at this step is to get a good understanding of where your site is right now, what problems are holding it back, and what the next steps should be.

Review the current keyword rankings and traffic with

The goal here is to understand how the site is currently performing.  We use a tool called to look at the following things.

  1. What are the total number of keywords the site is ranking for?
  2. What has been the rate of growth in the # of keywords your site ranks for as well as the traffic from those rankings.
  3. Which of these keywords are generating traffic to the website and are they conversion focused keywords.  i.e. which will result in you making a sale.
  4. Are there keywords which you are ranking for that are "low hanging fruit". That is, they have good search volumes but you currently rank just at the bottom of page 1 or the top of page 1.  If we can improve these rankings a few places you will see a boost in search engine traffic.

We also use to analyse three of your competitors using the same approach.  This also helps start the process of keyword discovery and help identity phrases that you might not have even considered but which are generating good traffic for your competitors.

Organic Visibility Chart from SEMRush

Organic Visibility Chart showing the growth in the estimated search engine traffic for a site

Current Keyword Rankings Table from SEMRush

Organic Keyword Rankings

How to Use SEMRush to analyse your site


Conduct a Google penalty assessment

One of the steps we take when reviewing your history of search traffic is if we see a sudden drop in organic visibility in the past we conduct a Google Penalty assessment to try to see whether your website has been subject to a Google penalty, whether manual or algorithmic.

We use a tool called the Panguin Tool by Barracuda Digital.

It basically overlays the history of Google algorithm updates on top of your organic traffic in your Google analytics to see if any drops in traffic coincided with an algorithm update.

How to Check If your Website has a Google Penalty


Analyse the Link Profile of the site and its competitors

The primary way  Google ranks websites using offsite factors is by understanding the links pointing to your website.  If you want to dig into this more check out my video 8 Reasons why people link to you.

The quality of these links, their relevance and how they link to you are used by Google to determine which sites are the best results to rank for specific searches.

We use a tool called to analyse the link profile of your site and that of your competitors.

Specifically, we look at trying to understand:

  1. How you and your competitors acquired links in the past
  2. The extent to which these links were naturally acquired or whether they were created as part of a spammier seo campaign
  3. What keywords are used in the anchor text of the links and whether they are likely to get you penalised for trying to manipulate rankings
  4. Whether links are to valuable content which can help us come up with content ideas for link promotion.
  5. Whether link growth is a current or historical activity.

How to Analyse Backlinks with Ahrefs

Review Your Website Content

Regardless if you acquire high rankings and traffic, if your content does not do it's job, then you will not convert those visitors into customers.

We review your website content to ensure that:

  1. It is unique - That it exists only on your website and nowhere else.  If your website copy or product descriptions exist on other websites it can be a signal to Google that your content and your website are low quality.
  2. It is comprehensive -  The goal here is to ensure that your page has sufficient comprehensive website copy on it to allow Google to distinguish it from any other web page on your website.  If your web pages do not have comprehensive web copy on them, then they may be considered "thin content" by Google.
  3. It targets a specific audience or customer - The goal here is to ensure that your website copy is written with a particular customer with a specific set of problems.  By having an understanding of who your target customer is your web copy will speak to their problems and fears and position your products and services as a solution to their problems.
  4. That you have conversion content on your site -  It's very important that your website copy helps people to make the decision to do business with you.  Content that quickly tells people who you are, gives them some information on your background and experience, demonstrates that you have experience helping people just like them and demonstrates that you have in fact had results helping people like them solve their problems or get a specific result.
  5. That you have a call to action -  All of your marketing activity will bring people to your website.  Make sure that you have the requisite calls to action to get people to do what you want them to do.

Step Two - Optimise

Our goal at this step is to address any problems we find and optimise your site to best target the market and audience you serve and the keywords and topics that will bring them to you.

Conduct Comprehensive Keyword and Topic Research

Keyword research is how we understand the intent of our prospective customers who use search engines to find what they are looking for.

At this point in the campaign, our goal is to understand the keyword phrases that are used by customers who are ready to buy, so we can optimise the main entry pages of your website so they have a chance of being found in search engines.

A surprising number of websites today still do not have their target keywords in the page titles of their pages.

A Three Step Keyword Research Process

Draft Targeted Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Once you've found the keywords you feel you should get found for it's a simple process of crafting a compelling page title and meta description for each of the pages you want to get found in Google.

How to write page titles and meta descriptions

Address Technical Problems

Technical problems on your site are typically the easiest to address but often simply missed or glossed over.

As part of our campaign, we do a comprehensive review of the technical set up of your site.  How fast it loads, whether it is secure or whether there are any issues with the content management system that are impacting how well it performs in search engines.

How to Fix Your Website Problems

Address Analytics Issues, Add Tracking Pixels, Advise on lead capture.

Most websites have Google analytics installed.  However, most of them are poorly configured and track goal conversion actions that do not make sense. 

In addition, as part of a broader marketing strategy, your site should have retargeting cookies and pixels in place to allow you to run paid traffic campaigns to support your organic performance.

As part of our campaign we:

  • Update conversion tracking to track proper goals
  • Install retargeting cookies on your website
  • Provide advice and guidance on installing lead capture mechanisms like lead magnets


Set up & Optimise Google My Business

If your business is local in nature then you need to be listed in the Google My Business system in order to have your site appear on Google maps.

If you don't already have your business listed in the Google My Business system we will set this up for you and provide guidance about how you can encourage your customers to leave quality review for your business.

Simply go to and add your business.


Step Three - Promote

Our goal at this step is to implement strategies to build links to your business to help improve the rankings that you have acquired.

Build Local Links and Citations

Links are the key offsite ranking factor for organic search.

That's why it is critical you understand why people link to you and how you can acquire good links.

Why do People Link to You?

An Introduction to Link Building

As part of our SEO Kickstart campaign, we submit your business to the leading quality local directories and niche directories and ensure that they support your rankings.

Implement Guest Posting Strategies

Sometimes your site is so new that it needs more than just quality local links to help it rank and get found.

For those sites, we typically acquire several quality guest posts or sponsored posts.

This is a process of finding publishers in your niche, writing a quality insightful piece of content and providing it to that site for publishing.

In exchange, they will typically provide a link back to your site so people and contact you if they want further information.
These links have value and can help improve your rankings.


Who is this campaign for?

  1. Can't find your site when you search for your brand?
  2. Can't find your site when you search for your keywords?
  3. Still paying Yellow Pages listing fees?
  4. Site not on Google Maps?
  5. Not tracking and measuring  performance
  6. Not remarketing to visitors?
  7. Tired of stagnant traffic growth?
  8. Looking for more from your website?
This campaign is for you >>

What results can I expect?

By the end of the month, your site will start appearing in search results for highly relevant, conversion focused keywords.  It will be optimised to perform and will now respond to your marketing efforts with improved search engine visibility and traffic.

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  4. We commence working to improve your search engine visibility.
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Clients & results 


Check out some of our results >>

What results can you expect?

Improved Keyword Rankings

Once your website has been optimised to target keyword phrases, relevant to your business, you will see that your rankings for these keyword phrases will improve immediately.  

Their continued improvement requires further promotion and link building.


Increased Search Impressions & Clicks

As your site improves you will start to show up in more and more search results as well as ranking higher in those search results.  We use tools like Google Search Console and SEMRush to help as track improved search engine visibility.


Increased Organic Traffic

As your rankings for relevant keywords increase and the number of keyword phrases that you rank for increase, your website traffic will start to improve.  This is measured using Google Analytics.


Increased Conversions from Organic Search

At the end of the day, the whole purpose of improving search engine visibility is to improve conversions or the actions you want people to take.  That might be leads, online sales or simply new email subscribers.

Organic Conversions

Next Steps

Ready to get started?

  1. Sign up using the button below.  The investment is $2,500 + GST per month for a minimum of six-month campaign ( payable in monthly instalments by credit card *)
  2. Complete a short business questionnaire
  3. Conduct a campaign kickoff conference call to discuss your site and our plan
  4. We commence working to improve your search engine visibility.

* If your website is in an extremely competitive niche or is a large enterprise site, we reserve the right to update this monthly fee to cover the additional work that will be required to rank your site.

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Still have questions?

  1. Contact us with the link below
  2. We'll answer your questions
  3. We'll make a determination if we can help you
  4. If you are comfortable with our answers and want to proceed,  simply sign up to the campaign
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a one-off campaign or ongoing?

The SEO Kickstart Campaign is a minimum  six-month SEO campaign  It's designed to get your house in order and set up your business to do well in SEO.

Will you get me to #1 in Google?

No one can make that promise. And neither do we. What we do promise is to optimise your site so that it can start to rank for the right keywords.  We also optimise your site so it can get found for as many relevant keywords as possible.  Where it ranks depends on a whole range of factors.  We do our best to get your site started by optimising your site, identifying technical problems and helping get all of the foundational backlinks that a real business would have,  We get you in the game, and then our action plan shows you the things you can to improve your rankings.

How long does it take to complete the campaign?

We work to complete all of our work within the four month time frame.

What are the steps in delivering the campaign?

Once you place your order you will be sent a short kickoff questionnaire to collect the information we need to do the work.  We will then contact you to organise a kickoff call to discuss your site and our plan.  An account manager will keep you updated as we do the work and deliver you the information and optimisations you need to put in place on your site.

Will you need access to my website?

No.  We will provide you with a list of recommended changes and optimisations to be implemented on your website.  Most clients  pass these on to their web developer to implement, or implement them themselves.

Do you do the work yourself or outsource it?

All of the work done by our own internal team and reviewed and managed by our SEO project managers.

What are the primary goals of the campaign?

Our goal is to identify traffic bringing keywords for your business, optimise the pages of your site to target them, find technical issues holding your site back and acquire foundational backlinks so your site starts ranking for your target keywords. We then provide you with an action plan that you can implement to keep improving your rankings.

What is critical to make this a success?

You need to be able to implement the changes we recommend to your website.  At a minimum, you need to be able to update the page titles and meta descriptions on your site so that you get the benefits of the improved keyword targeting.

Where are your backlinks coming from?

As part of your campaign, we will be submitting your business to a range of quality local business and niche directories.  These are not simply spammy directories created by overseas link builders.  The list of sites we submit to has been carefully curated by my team and me over several years of doing SEO for clients.

I've heard directory links don't work. Do they?

Spammy directory links don't work.  For many small and local businesses, having visibility in quality local directories and having local citations and mentions of your business is an important part of helping people find your business, getting visible in Google local search and letting Google know that yours is a real business with a real online presence.

Why can't I find my website in Google?

In our experience having analysed thousands of business websites, the reason why websites can't get found in Google and don't perform are because they have problems with the foundational layers of the marketing stack.

Digital Marketing Stack

Digital Marketing Stack

You see those three red layers - that's where the SEO Kickstart campaign focuses.

Why Infrastructure, Analytics & Content Important?

> Without proper site optimisation you will struggle to get found in Google search.  

> If your site loads too slowly, visitors bounce away to another site.

> If they can't read your content on their mobile phones, they'll simply go elsewhere.

> Without being in Google My Business, you won't show up in Google Maps

> Without Google analytics tracking you won't know what marketing activity is bringing you business.

These foundational layers are so critical to the ongoing performance of not just your SEO but all of your marketing efforts.

What Businesses is this campaign NOT suited for?

Sites with a Google Penalty

If you have had a history of spammy link building that has seen your website get penalised and lose all of its traffic, then this campaign is not for you.
You need to focus on getting the penalty removed before you see any results from a campaign like this.

Sites with an Extensive History of SEO & Link Building

If you have been doing SEO for a while with a reputable SEO, then many of the things included in the SEO Kickstart Campaign should have already been done on your site and most likely you won't see much benefit.

Large Enterprise & Ecommerce Sites

This campaign is designed for small business websites only. If you have a large enterprise website with many hundreds or thousands of pages, I can help you, just not with this campaign.