Choose an SEO Consultant with Real Practical Experience

If you need heart surgery would you go and see your local GP?

Of course not.

You’d visit a heart surgeon. The real specialist with the skills to help you.

SEO is the same.

When you're struggling with an SEO challenge, you go and see a specialist.

Benefit from our many years of experience.  Let's work together to solve your SEO problems.

Some of the clients we have helped
State Custodians
State Custodians
Your Tea
Your Tea
Tours to Go
Tours to Go
180 Nutrition
180 Nutrition
Sunshine Coast's Best Used Cars
Sunshine Coast's Best Used Cars

Why work with us?

Edmund Pelgen, our primary SEO consultant and founder has over 15 years experience in Digital Marketing and SEO in particular, having worked with many of Australia’s leading companies as well as hundreds of small businesses in his capacity as a Head of Search for his own SEO Agency.

He is a regular speaker at digital marketing events on the topic of SEO, having spoken at major events including Search Marketing Expo, Networx Brisbane, Interactive Minds & more.

He’s seen many SEO problems and worked to resolve them, but more importantly, understands the broader business priorities that need to be addressed as well.

We can address most problems but if we don’t have the knowledge or experience to help you, we’d much rather connect you with someone in our broader network of specialists who may have more specialist skills you require.

What are our SEO consulting services?

We can work with you on a wide range of search related topics but typically most of our engagements fall into one of the following services.

Strategic SEO Audits

A comprehensive strategic  SEO audit designed to help your business understand the competitive landscape, identify why your site performs where it does and how you can compete more effectively in your market.

Our strategic SEO audit is often the ideal starting point before you commit to a specific strategy to grow your business.

Find out more about our strategic seo audit here>>

Competitor Reviews

Sometimes you want a fresh set of eyes to completely reverse engineer the online marketing strategy of one or more competitors.

Why are they ranking where they are?  How broad is their visibility in your competing markets?  What are other strategies they are using that boosts their organic performance?

This insight can be used to inform your own strategies or to simply help you target the same opportunities for your business.

Website or Domain Migrations

Launching a completely new website to replace an old one or moving a website to a completely new domain present real risks to the business.  Done incorrectly, you stand to lose rankings, traffic and sales.

Done well, you would hardly know that the change had happened.

Having an experienced SEO consultant to work with your marketing team, your web developer, your design team and content teams to ensure that things happen smoothly is critical to ensuring the ongoing success of the website.

SEO Strategy Development

Are you looking to enter a new market?  Do you need help reviewing the competitive landscape and developing a go to market strategy that is based on high visibility in organic search?

We can help develop a detailed strategy that includes recommendations on infrastructure, content strategy, information architecture, keyword strategy, community building, PR, Social media and more.

One on One SEO Consultation

Sometimes all you need is an on-call resource to guide you in your online marketing activities.

Knowing which strategies are safe to implement, which ones will be most effective given your resources and constraints can fast track your results.

We've worked with many organisations who have smart teams who are very capable of implementing and simply need an SEO specialist to help them develop and implement strategies and tactics most relevant to them.

Find out more about our One on One SEO Consultation here

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