Let's spend two hours on your SEO Strategy & Tactics

Sometimes you need an expert set of eyes to help you cut through the fog and help point you in the right direction.

As an expert SEO consultant and agency owner, I've had the opportunity to work on hundreds of SEO campaigns.

I've worked with some of Australia's largest enterprises as well as many successful small businesses.

More often that not I can identify issues that are holding back a website from doing well both in Google and generally and my recommendations, if implemented can have a massive impact.

Some of the clients we have helped

State Custodians
State Custodians
Your Tea
Your Tea
Tours to Go
Tours to Go
180 Nutrition
180 Nutrition
Sunshine Coast's Best Used Cars
Sunshine Coast's Best Used Cars


What can we talk about?

We can take the SEO consulting call in any direction you wish but  commonly discussed topics  include:

  • Website Strategy Review - Reviewing your website, your competitors, your link building strategy, keyword targeting and content to provide you honest advice on where you are and what you need to fix or focus on to get where you need to be.
  • Competitor Analysis - Why are some of your competitors ranking or doing so well online and what you need to do to compete with them effectively
  • Technical Review - What technical problems might be impacting your site's ability to perform in Google
  • Content Marketing Strategy Discussion - You want to start creating content but are not sure where to start and what to do that will actually benefit your website, improve rankings, get customers.
  • Link Building Strategy Discussion - Not sure how to go about getting people to link to your website?  We can have an open discussion about what is working in your industry.
  • SEO supplier review - are you currently working with another SEO provider and not sure whether what they are doing is having an impact? I can provide an honest and open analysis of their strategy and the tactics they are implementing for your business.

How does it work

  1. Book an SEO Consultation and you get two hours of my time focusing on your business.  I'll spend the first hour doing my own research and analysis using your completed business questionnaire.
  2. We will then have a 1 hour recorded conference call where I'll discuss the results of my analysis and give you my recommendations and answer your questions.
  3. At the completion of the call, you will get the recording plus access to my library of SEO training videos to help you implement changes if you wish.
  4. Where required I'll make introductions to my personal list of digital marketing experts who can help you implement the fixes or strategies we have discussed.

What are the benefits of a one on one consulting session?

  • You get access to an experienced SEO and content marketer who has worked with some of Australia's leading enterprises as well as many diverse small businesses and startups.
  • You get instant clarity about what issues or problems are holding back your website
  • You get a number of suggestions about what strategies or tactics you can implement that are relevant to your business
  • No distractions and time wasting.  You get my undivided attention
  • My goal is to help you save or make money by providing considered advice about what to do/fix/implement in your business.

Ready to get started?

  1. Purchase your SEO Consultation using the button below.  The investment is $497
  2. I will email you a business questionnaire for you to complete
  3. I will do my analysis then we will book a time to have our recorded conference call to discuss the results and recommendations.
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