Grow your business online with your own SEO Coach and Accountability Partner

Are you a hands-on business owner looking for help to improve your website rankings and traffic and make your content work?  

Not interested in paying agency service fees to have someone else do it for you?

If so, then you are not alone.  Some business owners like to be able to bring SEO skills and knowledge in-house so they are less reliant on agencies and third parties.

My  SEO coaching program is a month-to-month coaching program designed to understand your goals and help you implement SEO strategies that actually benefit your business.

You get faster results by working with an experienced SEO expert who can help you focus on what is important rather than chasing the next shiny object put out by the latest SEO guru.

How I can help you

  1. I work with you to understand your business goals
  2. Together we will identify issues holding your site and business back
  3. We will create a step-by-step action plan for you to implement with our support and supervision
  4. I am here to help answer any questions you might have and most importantly, 
  5. I will hold you accountable for implementing the steps in the action plan

How does it work

If you become an SEO coaching client here is how we will work together.

  1. You will complete a business questionnaire to capture all of the information about your business and your goals
  2. We will have a kickoff strategy call to discuss your business and what you hope to achieve
  3. We will build out a three-month project plan in Trello for you to use to implement in your business
  4. You will be provided access to our library of How to videos designed to help you implement the steps in your business
  5. We will hold monthly accountability calls to discuss your progress
  6. If you have any questions you can ask them in the group slack channel


The monthly investment will be $A 497 (Ex GST)  a month which will give you:

  • A kickoff strategy call where I will lay out exactly my assessment of your site and your goals and how best to achieve them
  •  A three-month project plan in trello
  • Access to my complete library of how-to videos
  • Monthly accountability call
  • Access to my private slack group chat channel

Interested in Finding out More?

The first place to start is by having an initial discovery call.

  1. You contact us, letting us know your issues
  2. We'll analyse your site, make an assessment and determine whether we can help you.
  3. If we feel that we're a good fit, we can then discuss your participation in the coaching program

Why wait?  Contact us now.

About Me 

My name is Edmund Pelgen and I've helped hundreds of businesses, big and small to improve their website rankings and performance.

I'm a regular speaker at digital marketing events on the topic of SEO, having spoken at major events including Search Marketing Expo, Networx Brisbane, Interactive Minds & more.

My speciality is helping business owners quickly identify what is holding their businesses back, and working with them to implement change.

If you want to make massive change and start seeing positive results in your SEO we should chat.

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