How to Do SEO in 2015 – [Infographic]

Inbound Marketing company, Kuno Creative recently published an infographic called “How to DO SEO in 2015”

As a practicing SEO I jumped over to have a look at it.

Most of the information contained in the infographic  is pretty common sense and any decent seo company would have either made these recommendations or implemented them for you.

While it isn’t really an SEO infographic, it still has some key insights which I felt are very relevant to businesses looking to do seo and content marketing in 2015.

Key Takeaways from the SEO infographic

#1 Start with a solid understanding of your buyers.

Interview your customers to discover who they are, their pain points and problems.  This process will help inform your understanding of what things they will search for online, rather than what you think they will search for.

This is actually a critical point.  Many businesses go into creating content with a “Me me me” perspective rather than thinking about the clients perspective.

#2 Start Blogging Consistently

This statement is supported by various studies showing that firms which blog regularly are more likely to see increased inquiries and sales as a result.

My own insight into is that blogging without a plan of how the content is going to benefit the business is a waste of time.

Use a content marketing framework to help you determine what content you should create based on how it will benefit your business.

#3 Improve your Internal Linking

The next point in the infographic is to link from blog posts to your product or service pages, where it makes sense.  These links will not only

These links will help people discover your services as well as help those pages rank better in search engines.

Internal linking is a part of any good seo practice and should be done as a matter of course.

#4 Have Good On Page Optimisation

Finally,  the infographic talks about the importance of having the right keywords included in the page titles, URL’s, H1’s and body content on the page.

This is SEO 101 and any business looking to improve their online visibility will have implemented these optimsiations on their website.

Check out the infographic below and at