SEO Accelerator Guarantee

For participants of the Shopify SEO Accelerator, I offer a conditional guarantee whereby if the organic traffic as measured by Google Analytics for the sixth month after the commencement of the program is not double the organic traffic for the month prior to the commencement, then the participant can ask for a full refund of their investment in the Shopify SEO Accelerator.  

Organic traffic will be measured using Google Analytics measure of organic traffic or if analytics is not installed the estimate of organic traffic from Semrush.

In order to qualify for the refund the participant needs to have made a good-faith effort to implement the strategies that we have outlined but specifically needs to show the following:

  1. That they implemented  new page optimisations as outlined in Module 4 - Optimise to rank
  2. That they implemented relevant technical fixes as outlined in Module 5 - Fundamental Fixes
  3. That they implemented at least one of the link-building strategies as outlined in Module 7 - Foundational links and Module 8 - Sponsored links so that the site acquired some new links during the 6 month period.
  4. That they completed all four of the coaching calls.

If you have not achieved what you wanted from this program and are interested in claiming the guarantee please email me at

All the best

Edmund Pelgen

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