Here is your Shopify SEO Accelerator Cheat Sheet

Download our one-page Shopify SEO Accelerator Cheat Sheet.

Hey thanks for asking for a copy of my One Page Shopify SEO Accelerator Cheat Sheet.

In the meantime, be sure to read this page right now so I can show you exactly how people just like you are using this strategy to double their SEO traffic in six months, sell more and ultimately build a valuable e-commerce brand without relying on paid advertising for sales. without having to become an SEO expert, hire an agency, or struggle each day without a plan.

And just so you know you’re in the right place, I want to underscore that this strategy reflects the EXACT SYSTEM we have used to help countless startups, brands, and Shopify entrepreneurs quickly and predictably achieve their organic traffic and sales goals.

In short - this is what's working right now to help young brands sell more with SEO - so let's dig in!

The Three Main Struggles with SEO

As you might be aware, getting the clarity you need to improve your organic traffic and sell more and ultimately reducing your reliance on paid advertising for sales is a major problem for most young Shopify brands worldwide.

The SEO space and in particular the Shopify space is absolutely flooded with courses, coaches, and hype - all promising to help us get results but ultimately only adding to our overwhelm and frustration.

The fact is - there are three main reasons growing Shopify brands struggle with their SEO.  These are

  1. They simply don't have the time or energy to invest in becoming an expert in SEO. That's simply not their job.
  2. They don't have the budget to hire an SEO agency at $2500-$5000 a month to do their SEO
  3. And finally, they don't have a proven SEO plan; they struggle each month, implementing tactics they read about in some random blog post or they try to implement everything, not realising that taking action on just a few key steps will give you the results you are after.

Do these three  struggles sound familiar?  

In all of my experience serving and talking with amazing people from all over the world, I hear these three problems all the time.

But these are only symptoms of a much greater issue - the real issue is the lack of a clear "Point A to Point B" system that's easy to follow.

A clear roadmap that's been proven to help people just like you double SEO traffic and sales in just six months.

My 9-Step Plan

The good news is that, if you’re struggling with these issues, I’m going to walk you through some very clear, proven, and easy-to-implement steps you can use right away to overcome these issues so you can get more sales-generating keyword rankings and organic website traffic without additional advertising spend or Frustration!

I'm talking about our Shopify SEO Accelerator of course - let me show you how it works.

We partner with each client we work with to achieve these steps in this exact order:

Stage 1: Foundation

First, you’ll utilize The Perfect Domain system that helps people just like you develop a global domain strategy so that you don't have to rebuild or relaunch your brand because you made the wrong domain decisions at the start.  You'd be surprised at how often poor domain selection gets in the way of successful global expansion.

Next, our unique Keyword Landscape process ensures you identify sales-making keywords FAST. Young brands often don't know which commercial keywords are worth targeting and the best way to do this is to identify what your established leading competitors are targeting to get traffic and sales.  These keywords are where you should start as they are the ones actually generating sales for your competitors.

Then you take these keywords and expand your keyword research using our  Killer Keyword Research frameworks to identify the best keywords for all of your product collections.

Stage 2: Optimisation

The Optimise to Rank process will ensure success by making sure your store starts ranking for the valuable commercial and transactional keywords you identified in the previous steps.We show you the fastest way to take the keywords you have chosen and expand your product catalogue to target new keywords and optimise the pages so you start ranking for all of these valuable terms.

Next, our Fundamental Fixes system is the core mechanism for ensuring you can fix Shopify's main technical issues.  We don't give you a giant list of things to fix, just the few fixes you absolutely must address that will give you most of your rankings improvements.

And the last step in the Optimisation Stage is to use our Trust & Conversion Checklist which shows you exactly how to tweak your shop design so it is high trust & high conversion, making sales each and every day like clockwork!

Because the reality is with most young brands, we don't often get things right the first time around.

Stage 3: Promotion

Once you have your Foundation and Optimisation phases in place we’ll kick off the Promotion stage by showing you how to acquire Foundational Links.  These are the links that Google expects to see in order to kickstart rankings fast!  Most young brands neglect these easy to get links.

Next up: We help our clients get links that accelerate rankings - by showing them, how to safely leverage the power of quality Sponsored Links.  Sponsored links are powerful and have their place as long as you use them in a considered manner and as part of a larger promotional strategy.  They should be a part of every young Shopify brands toolkit to accelerate rankings, traffic and sales.

The final step of our Shopify SEO Accelerator program is to ensure our clients are able to get people searching for them by name,  by building your expertise, authority and trust using our Building the Brand system.Rather than giving you a book to read on branding, we show you two proven strategies that will help you build your branded search, get people searching for you by name and link to you as well.

These two strategies are Building brand with content and building brand with community.Both of these are proven, easy-to-implement strategies to build your brand.   Most importantly we show you exactly the types of content that you can easily create that will drive branded search and increase awareness and show you how to leverage existing communities to demonstrate how valuable and helpful your brand is.

Want to find out more?

So if you want to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to double SEO traffic and sales in the next 6 months then book a call at the link below.

In just 30 minutes we will get clear on what's holding you back, and we'll map out a crystal clear, step-by-step strategy you can follow to achieve your seo goals with confidence.

Lastly, we'll decide if you would be a good fit for our Shopify SEO Accelerator program...Please note this is only for you if the following statements are true:

  • Your Shopify store is making at least $100,000 in sales per annum
  • You are willing to spend at least $5000 in the next six months to finally succeed with your SEO
  • You are already spending at least $1000 per month in paid AdsIf that’s you then click the link below to schedule a callI look forward to speaking with you.

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