Make sure your new Shopify site gets found in Google

Replatforming or migrating to Shopify is not without its risks.

Migration planning is critical to maintaining existing rankings. But what about new and improved rankings, traffic and sales?

Are you missing new opportunities for growth?

How to grow your rankings, traffic and sales

If you’ve made the decision to move to Shopify or Shopify Plus, then you’re interested in maintaining and continuing your business growth. Replatforming to Shopify is a good decision but keeping your existing rankings and traffic depends on having a knowledgeable Shopify partner who can help you manage that process.

Moving to Shopify should be seen as an opportunity to expand your rankings and traffic and really supercharge your organic visibility.

Here’s how we grow the rankings, traffic and sales of brands recently moved to Shopify.

Audit the results of your migration

We have seen many migrations result is dropped rankings and traffic because proper migration planning was not implemented. If this is a problem you face, we review pre and post migration rankings and traffic and can identify opportunities to recover those rankings and traffic on your Shopify site.

Address Shopify Specific technical issues

Shopify is one of the most powerful and flexible platforms to build a thriving eCommerce brand on. But it also has some unique quirks and features that can negatively impact how the site performs in Google. Duplicate URL’s & excessive tags are just some of the issues we address to allow Shopify to perform better in organic search.

Identify Keyword Opportunities

No business wants to remain stagnant. As part of our keyword and competitor research, we look for transactional keyword opportunities you might be missing and help you optimise your Shopify site to target them and grow rankings and traffic for these new opportunities. This typically requires the creation of new collections or landing pages.

Identify Linking and Promotional Opportunities

You may be a brand that people already talk about and write about on their blogs and on social media. In that case, you may already have a strong backlink profile helping you to rank. If you are not, we will analyse the market and based on your resources we will look for strategies that you can put into place that will help promote you brand ad attract quality links to your site.

Want to talk about your business?

To find out whether we can help you we recommend you schedule a video conference call so we can review your sites and discuss your goals.