Petal and Pup – Optimising for Growth

The Problem

Petal & Pup is a young leading fast growth e-commerce fashion brand that had built a strong business leveraging the power of paid facebook & Instagram advertising.

However, whilst they had a super strong following and a ton of branded search volume, they had very little non branded keyword visibility.

And the reason’s were pretty obvious. As they had grown their business using Facebook Ads, very little attention had been given to the SEO fundamental’s.

The site had a very simple product category structure and a weak backlink profile.

The Solution

Together with our agency partner, Neural Digital, we implemented a three month SEO Foundations campaign which focused on the following steps.

Given that we only had three months to work with, our focus was on activities that could be implemented quickly, that would have immediate impact and that would provide ongoing benefit to the site long term.

These included:

Comprehensive Keyword Research

After an extensive analysis of their products and their competitors, we identified a huge range of possible keyword opportunities and redesigned their category structure to enable them to create and optimise new pages to target these keyword opportunities.

Whereas previously, they had less than 10 top level product categories such as Women’s Dresses & Playsuits, we expanded them to more than 20 and optimised the pages accordingly.

In addition, their home page was not ranking for market defining keyword terms such as “Women’s clothing”

Women’s Dresses Keyword Opportunities

Category Creation & Optimisation

Once we had decided on the relevant categories to create based on their product catalog, we leveraged the features of Shopify Plus to allow us to quickly create and populate these new categories.

Shopify has a very handy feature called Automated Collections which allows you to create categories using product tags.

So we simply said, create a new category called “maxi Dresses” by choosing products that had the product category “Dresses” and the product style “Maxi”

Once the categories were created we then wrote compelling keyword rich page titles and meta descriptions.

This process is called on page optimisation and involves writing keyword rich but conversion focused page titles and meta descriptions, as well as making the there is sufficient, relevant content on the pages and that the page was logically structured.

Petal & Pup Home Page Optimisations

Another challenge we faced with Shopify was that it has a flat category structure and does not allow you to nest sub categories beneath top level categories. We had to develop an updated menu structure and internal linking strategies that made this product hierarchy obvious and helped get these new internal category pages linked to and ranking.

Category Page Content

On e-Commerce sites, the valuable entry points are the category pages. In order to make them worth ranking we need to add content to them to make them more unique and compelling.

We worked with the developer to enable content blocks on the category pages which were previously content free, and then mapped out a plan of content writing to add unique content to the category pages.

Address Technical Issues

Shopify is set up in a way that there can exist several different URL’s to product pages. This is called a duplicate content issue.

Shopify handles this by using a Canonical tag which tell’s Google which is the “one” or true URL to rank.

However we had seen several implementations of this that were broken we we comprehensively audited and tested this functionality on the site.

Authority Link Building

For a brand with such a strong branded search volume, the site had a very weak link profile.

We worked with a range of third party blogs and publishers and secured a number of sponsored authority link placements to help “kickstart” the backlink growth, pending the development and implementation of an ongoing and systematic outreach and promotional strategy.

The Results

Typically we work with e-commerce brands for a minimum 12 month period which allows us to see high keyword visibility translate into traffic and sales.

Given the three month timeframe of the SEO Foundations campaign, we would have to measure success by analysing:

  • New Keyword Rankings: Is the site now ranking for category level, transactional keywords that it was not previously ranking for?
  • Increased Keyword Visibility: as measured by Google search console impressions and third party tools like SEMresh.

Increased Non Brand Search Visibility

Increased Search Visibility & Non Branded Traffic

New Rankings for Category & Market Defining Keywords

Women’s Clothing Keywords
Women’s Dress Keywords

What you should do now

If you’re looking for similar results for your business you should Contact us and we can discuss whether your business is a suitable candidate for one of our campaigns.