Our SEO Methodology

Our methodology ensures that your business is here for the long-term by making sure you have all of the right pieces in place to grow your business online. 

If you are serious about growing your business and building a strong online presence then you will find this model extremely helpful.

It’s the process we follow to make sure that each piece of the online marketing puzzle is put in place in the right order and that each activity builds on the one that came before.

The problem with the current SEO model

Much of what is sold as SEO is simply spammy link building.  

You may get rankings but ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you getting traffic from people who are potential customers?
  • Is your website set up in a way that effortlessly guides visitors to become customers?
  • Do you have in place the proper tracking and measurement systems to allow you to measure whether your marketing budget is actually generating leads and sales
  • Is your marketing activity driving brand search so you get people looking for you by name?
  • Are you incorporating automated email and retargeting solutions to nurture the relationship with visitors and keep your brand front of mind
  • Do you have content on your site that builds trust, develops relationships and positions you as an authority?

These are just some of the questions that our methodology is designed to answer.

Step 1 – We start by understanding where your business is right now using the SEO Traffic Roadmap

Most businesses fall in the yellow section of the roadmap.  

This means they have a site that is performing somewhat but can gain massive benefits from our SEO blueprint process.

Businesses in the “no traffic level” need to focus on getting a site built.  Businesses at the top level typically have their act together.

Step 2 – Implement the Business SEO Blueprint

This is our systematic process of taking a business that is not performing and setting it in the path of SEO traffic dominance.

It has three phases.

  1. Foundation
  2. Optimisation
  3. Promotion

Phase 1 – Foundation

No marketing will be truly effective if we don’t have the following in place.

Infrastructure – Is your web infrastructure optimised to support your business

Analytics – Do you have proper tracking and measurement systems in place

Content – Do you have comprehensive content on your site to serve the needs of your customers

Phase 2 – Optimisation

Once the foundations are in place we can start optimising the various elements of your business.

Targeting – Does your website target the right audience with the right content and keywords?

Conversions – Does your website have conversion mechanisms in place to help take a prospect and make them a customer?

Brand and Presence – Is your site visible where it should be and does it have content or marketing that is going to drive brand search. Is it in Google My Business, industry directories, industry publications?

Phase 3 – Promotion

Now the site has solid foundations and is optimised to perform, you can get outsized results by promoting.

Publishing Powerhouse – Are you creating content for links, conversions and authority?

Media Mogul – Are you doing things worth talking about and reaching out to the media and influencers to promote your business?

Paid Promotion – Are you leveraging paid traffic strategies to amplify the work that has come before?

What will your results be?

The purpose of this blueprint is to take you from a place where you have:

  • No traffic
  • No inquiries
  • No sales and
  • No brand mentions

to a place where you have

  • Torrents of traffic which include branded search, top of funnel searches and bottom of funnel, transactional searches
  • Steady leads and sales from organic traffic
  • Media mentions of your brand
  • Social sharing of your content

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