This Just Isn’t Good Enough

I was  very frustrated with the world this morning.

I’d just spent some time in a local business forum helping people out and I actually posted 50 free coupons to my new training program.  And I sat there waiting for the clicks and the thank you’s and the appreciation.

And what actually happened?  Nothing….5 clicks, 1 person signing up to a short training program that if they implemented,  could save them thousands of dollars and give their website a ton of online visibility.

I was underwhelmed to say the least and I got into skype to chat with a friend and (sometime mentor) who tends to slap me about the head when I need it.

I said “I’m a little flat and frustrated.  I gave people free access to my course and zip, nada.  No one is signing up”

And his response was that these people really don’t have a feel for me yet.

I’m a bit of a “Johhny come lately” in the forum community and there hadn’t been enough opportunities for them to engage with me and get to know, like and trust me.

So,  my offer of free access to my course was coming across as a marketing pitch.  And what happens when we see another marketing pitch?  We ignore it.

My mate then proceeded to quote from Tony Robbins and said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “How can I reach people, add value and help them in a way that doesn’t always require my presence.”

I know I’m getting this wrong so I took a screenshot from the book Awaken the Giant Within.



And then he mentioned to me that  my content output had dropped off considerably since Christmas and as a content marketer that was inexcusable.

Those pieces of content were all touch points for people to get to know me a little bit better.

They are the small “Gday Mate” that we share by the water cooler.  The smile we share with other parents at school drop off.

They all help us to become visible to other people and let them get an insight into what we are all about.

So, I’m sorry.   This just isn’t good enough.

You’ll be seeing more content from me.  Even as a content creator and advocate, I too can fall into busy mode and pretend that it’s all too hard to create quality engaging content all the time.

Even though I know how critical it is.

I guess the only suggestions I have for you at this moment are to be less concerned with perfection.  Less concerned with the format of the content.  Be more adventurous and try different modalities.

Because this just isn’t good enough.

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