An Introduction to SEO

New to Search Engine Optimisation and want a quick introduction to the key points? Then look no further than our short video called “An Introduction to SEO”

Time Stamps:


  • 1:20 What is SEO?
  • 2:09 What’s involved in doing SEO?
  • 5:46 How is SEO success measured?
  • 6:40 The importance of user intent in SEO
  • 9:53 How understanding intent can get traffic across the buyer’s journey

Why is SEO Important

  • 11.29 High rankings still drive traffic and sales
  • 13:09 Search results are more complex
  • 15:33 SEO impacts the whole marketing stack
  • 17:37 SEO impacts how your brand is perceived online

Assessing the Importance of SEO for Your Business

  • 18.48 Are there many commercial searches?
  • 19:18 Are there many informational searches?
  • 20.42 Are your direct competitors active in SEO?