An Introduction to Link Building [Video]


For many business owners when I bring up the concept of links and link building it’s often the first time they’ve heard about it. Many of them struggle to understand how something like links can be so important to a websites visibility in search engines.  However,  once I explain how links are like votes and they are just the same as a personal recommendation, they get it.

However,  link building can be a dangerous process if you try to go into it uninformed.  So I created this short video to cover most of the bases.

If you are a business owner and you are interested in learning how to use SEO and online marketing for your business then this video will be a very important one for you to watch.


  1. Why is Link Building or Attracting Links Important for your business website?
  2. What is a link – 32s
  3. Why are Links Important – 46s
  4. Why are rankings so sought after? 1.21s
  5. Why you Shouldn’t be fixated with high rankings 2.01s
  6. What can happen if you try to cheat Google 3.34s
  7. The Three Types of Link Building 5.00s
  8. Understanding why people link 6.59s
  9. The importance of content in attracting links 9.55s
  10. 10 Examples of Bad Links 10.17s

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