I’m all in on Shopify

As of 2021, I’ve made the decision to focus all of our direct to client work on Shopify and Shopify Plus brands.

I’ve been thinking about this for the last six months and with the beginning of the new year, it finally feels like the right time to make the move.

I should make it clear to my existing clients and agency partners that we will still be taking care of you and your campaigns. Nothing has changed from that end.

The only difference is that going forward, OnlineKickstart will be focusing purely on helping Shopify brands grow their business with SEO.

So why focus on Shopify?

Fundamentally it’s about focus and impact.

Any business book and coach can explain the benefits of niche focus, and in some part, those benefits have contributed to this decision.

But I’d be remiss in not admitting to a range of other reasons for wanting to serve this market.

So in no particular order here is why I’ve decided to make this decision.

I want to make a bigger impact more quickly for my clients

Part of the initial attraction of working in SEO was the constant diversity in clients, industries and platforms.

However, over time this just meant I spent more of my time and the client’s money being a detective and trying to work out what’s broken or holding them back. This is especially true when working with a new CMS or in a new industry.

This means having a meaningful impact takes longer.

I want to move big boulders for clients, not pebbles.

When I’m not able to get results for a client or even get them quickly, I take their frustrations personally.

I’ve been that client spending my hard-earned dollars. I hate that feeling. I love it when I get them a great result and they are pleased.

By focusing on Shopify, where I know what the issues might be, I can more quickly fix broken stuff and get them a result that has a meaningful impact on the business.

  • We understand the client
  • We understand their pain and the problems
  • And we can solve them quickly and efficiently.

Our internal processes, documents, checklists and tools will just focus on Shopify specific issues. Training will be easier and implementation faster and more efficient.

There is strength in specialisation.

Shopify Business Owners are Interesting to work with

Shopify as a platform has seen insane growth. As a result, many entrepreneurs building ecommerce businesses have jumped on the platform.

I really enjoy working with them, hearing their stories of growth and adversity and contributing to their growth.

Not to say that I don’t enjoy my current clients, but as an eCommerce business owner myself, I feel an affinity with their journey.

Demand for Shopify Services is Growing

The pandemic has seen a massive boost in the number of businesses making the move to eCommerce and specifically Shopify.

There is more demand from high growth brands moving to an online model as well as smaller businesses looking for a channel to keep selling. It makes sense to help these businesses.

Shopify is active in their support of partners and clients

I’ve worked with many platforms but Shopify seems to be the only one which has invested in building a local team of people to support clients and the partner ecosystem.

I’m connected to a number of them on LinkedIn and they are knowledgable, passionate people.

I like working with those types of people.

I’m a Shopify Customer

Over the last decade, I’ve built a number of different eCommerce businesses on with my wife and partner on a number of different platforms.

We started on Interspire, which was the self hosted precursor to Big Commerce. I’ve built on Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Open Cart and others.

Shopify was by far the easiest to get live. There were fewer technical decisions that I needed to make which required the involvement of technology partners.

You accepted the feature set which is very comprehensive and got on with business.

And finally, probably the most important factor was that Shopify was easy for my team to use. It just worked. No bushfires in the middle of the night requiring me to install this plugin, fix a hack or to move the site to more reliable hosting.

It just got the hell out of the way and let us sell stuff.

Can I help you?

So if you are an ecommerce owner and want some help with the SEO on your Shopify store, why not Schedule a Discovery Call.