Hush Energy Technical Optimisations

The Problem

Hush Energy is one of Queensland’s leading Solar Power companies.

Their existing site was built using an older web content management system and was optimised in a way that was impacting the sites ability to perform well in organic search.

The Problems

  • Poor URL format – The URL’s the CMS were generating were long, convoluted URL’s which consisted of internal page references. There was no logical hierarchy and keywords were not included in the URL
  • Incorrect Canonical Tags – The CMS was generating pages at one URL whilst the canonical tag was linking to another version of the page which was causing confusion as to which pages were the right one to rank.
  • No optimised local landing pages – The business had several locations, none of which had a dedicated local landing page, optimised for local search and connected to their own Google My Business Listing. The challenge was that the home page was being used to target and rank for a single location whilst the other locations had no obvious entry point.
  • Keyword Cannibalisation – This refers to a situation where many pages on the site were optimised to target the same or similar terms which cause confusion as to which pages we want to rank in organic search for a specific search phrase.

The Solution

Once we had audited the site we implemented the following changes.

New Keyword Rich URL’s – We worked with the developer to update the system generated URL’s to keyword-rich URL’s which were easy to understand and link to.

Dedicated local landing pages – We created new local landing pages for each of the primary location landing pages. These included:

Fixed Canonical tags – We updated the pages canonical tags so they linked to the correct URL’s

The Results

As of the 15th of May we have just implemented these changes and submitted the pages to get reindexed.

We typically see a lot of fluctuations during the first few weeks as Google reindexes and reassesses which pages to rank for which terms.

If you are interested in seeing the results, be sure to visit this page in a few months.

What you should do now

If you’re looking for similar results for your business you should Contact us and we can discuss whether your business is a suitable candidate for one of our campaigns.