Four Digital Marketing Strategies You’re Probably Not Using

Finding and selling to customers using digital marketing is never easy.

Besides the constantly changing online landscape, many people simply don’t know what they don’t know.

And as a result, they end up using marketing strategies that are no longer effective.

In this post, I’m going to show you four things you are probably not doing or doing wrong which will be critical to your success in 2017.

You’re Not Going Deep Enough into Mobile

I’m not even going to tell you that your website should be mobile responsive because you’ve already taken care of that, right?

The trouble is most of you think just because your site is mobile responsive you’ve taken care of business.

The reality is, you’re only half way there.

It’s 2017 and Google has said that it’s going to be ranking all websites based on the mobile version of the site.

Not only that, Facebook and Google are going all out to develop ways of speeding up how quickly content loads on mobile devices.

Think Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook Instant Articles.

What this means is that the battleground for tomorrow’s customers is on the mobile device.

Mobile is where people will “Google you”.

It’s where they’ll talk about you on social media, and where, most likely they’ll buy from you.

So stop paying lip service to mobile.

Just because your site is mobile responsive doesn’t mean it’s optimised for the best mobile user experience.

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Is your content easy to read on a mobile phone or are you annoying the heck out of people with mobile popups or those horrible floating social bars?
  2. Can someone easily buy something from your shop using their phone?
  3. Start analysing your site and search results using a tool like Mobile Moxie
  4. Are you there on mobile when someone is at a “Micro-Moment” and is making a decision.

You see where I’m going with this? Get to work.

You’re not thinking about the SEO Long (Tail) Game

One thing about SEO that continues to frustrate me is that everyone has one or two phrases that they are looking to rank for.

It’s typically a phrase that’s at the pointy end of the marketing funnel and is typically conversion focused.  So yes, ranking well for this phrase can mean a lot of money.

However,  page 1 isn’t what it used to be, what with all of the paid ads, pictures and videos.

The reality is, and Google has the data to show this, the online journey someone takes before they are even ready to buy something is akin to a path a drunken football fan takes walking home from the game.

It’s all over the place.

People visit blogs, watch videos on Facebook and message their friends, way before they are ready to buy.

This is where the SEO Long Tail can be powerful,

Helping people find you when they are searching online during that awareness stage.

The way you use this is to understand that people who find you this way are typically at the awareness stage of their buyer’s journey.

Get them on an email list or a Facebook Custom Audience and use paid social advertising to add value and bring them back to your website.

You’re Not Using Facebook to Amplify your Content and Funnel

Most good online marketing understands that buyers go through a buyer’s journey before they buy something.

And you need to be present all along that journey, helping out and adding value so that you are one of the options someone considers when choosing to buy your product.

The most powerful way to leverage the work you are doing in SEO is to use Facebook to amplify your content in front of the right audiences and then use custom audiences to maintain that relationship with them until they are ready to buy.

Still, most people are using Facebook Ads to run ads at the pointy end of the funnel. “ Look Here Buy my Stuff now.”

I’d recommend reading this post by Dennis Yu about Facebook Funnels to expand how you think about Facebook

You’re not Building and Leveraging An Audience

In the old days, it was easy to be an unknown person behind a domain name that sold stuff online.

With social media that changed,  and people are far more wary about the brands they buy from.

Building an audience is an opportunity for you to help develop a group of people who know like and trust you and are more likely to buy from you.

If you’re thinking, “God I don’t want to put myself out there on social media and do videos and talk to lots of people at events.” then you are in luck. You don’t have to.

While that is one way to build an audience, the other way is to use Facebook boosted posts and targeting along with custom audiences to help you achieve the same result without putting yourself out there.

  • Write content that appeals to your target audience.
  • Post it to your blog and boost it to a very defined target audience.
  • Use custom audiences to track their engagement with your content.

If they read it, clicked through to your website or watch your videos for more than 3 seconds, you can then reach them with the next message in your marketing funnel sequence.

That’s how remarketing works best. No just by stalking website visitors around the web.

Did you notice that most of what I said was cross-channel?  It’s no longer a viable strategy to try to be strong in just SEO of PPC.  You need to get them all working together in a systematic process where they build on

It’s no longer a viable strategy to try to be strong in just SEO of PPC.  You need to get them all working together in a systematic process where they build on each other and help move people along the marketing funnel to purchase.