Four Characteristics of a Good SEO

4 Characteristics of a good SEO ConsultantWith any SEO engagement, there is always a level of tension between what the client is expecting, and what is achievable by the SEO. This tension is why expectation management and client education is a critical part of the role of any good SEO consultant. Here are four characteristics of a good SEO consultant will go some way to reducing  conflict and confusion.

A Good SEO Consultant is like a Good Detective

Most good SEO’s will never make absolute statements because most times they cannot say with 100% certainty (unless it is 100% certain 🙂 ) what may be the causing a problem with your site without detailed analysis.

They need time to analyse the data.

They need time to make connections between what they see happening on your site, on other sites, and the discussions happening on webmaster forums and the official announcements from Google.

This ability to make connections with little data is why experienced SEO’s are so valuable. They have been around long enough to have seen how Google updates play out.

An SEO with an inquisitive mind will always be asking questions, analysing the data and then making recommendations based on what they see and their experience.

A Good SEO Sets Realistic Expectations

Everyone expects an SEO to give them overnight success.

Well, I want to be able to drop 10 kilos and get a six pack in two months but it’s not always up to me.

Sometimes fixes to the site can have an immediate impact on your site’s visibility in organic search. At other times recommendations to improve a site’s performance take months to roll out on a site and more time to see an improvement in Google.

Be prepared to be working with an SEO for up to 12 months to see major changes.

An experienced SEO will try their best, based on their experience to set a realistic timeframe based on the data.  You can’t expect an overnight cure to years of spammy link building.

Like the frog that is boiled by slowly heating water, sometimes your site is slowly getting better until it passes a threshold where penalties or structural issues no longer hold it back.

Stay the course if your SEO can demonstrate a solid understanding of the problem and that the changes they are recommending are having an effect. Even if slowly.

A Good SEO will focus on your Business Goals, Not Rankings

An SEO will be happy if your site improves its organic visibility.

Not because it’s cool to have high rankings, but because they know if they have done their job right, it will mean more interested prospects are getting to your site.

And that may result in increased inquiries and hopefully the reaching of your business goals.

A Good SEO will help you shift your focus

In the past people went to SEOs for “link building”. Why? Because that was what increased rankings.

With Google’s ability to ignore or penalise manipulative link building, a Good SEO is going to be working to help you make your website content more valuable to the world at large so that links are a natural by-product of the value they put out in the world.

They will educate you about how to conduct your marketing activities so that links are a natural result of the marketing activity.

If your SEO doesn’t have any of these characteristics you may need to ask them better questions.

If you’re interested in talking to an SEO who can help you why don’t you give me a call.