Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist

Download our Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist and sell more with the traffic you have.
Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist

Before you spend more money on traffic why don't you find the lowest-hanging fruit in your store?

We've designed the "Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist" to give you clear, actionable steps that will:

  • Reduce your customer acquisition costs
  • Increase your average order value
  • Ramp up your conversion rates

What's Included in the Checklist?

There are over 300 important checkpoints in the checklist covering the following pages.

  • Home Page
  • Category (Collections) page
  • Product Page
  • Landing Page
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Thank you Page

How Do I Use the Checklist

  1. Download the "Trust & Conversion E-Commerce Checklist"
  2. Work through each page and checkpoint and evaluate your store
  3. Implement the fixes starting with those that require the least effort and generate the biggest result
  4. Enjoy the improved sales.

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