94.73% Increase in Traffic with Curated News [Case Study]

In this post I’m going to show you data that demonstrates how publishing curated news blog posts  effectively doubled a website’s monthly organic traffic within 12 months.

The chart below shows the change in monthly organic traffic just 12 months after implementing this strategy.  Comparing January 2014 to January 2015.


What is a curated news blog post?

In my post, How to use Curated News to bring Targeted Visitors to your Business Blog,  I outlined a simple content creation strategy that was easy to implement and required only moderate investment in time and cost.

Essentially the approach was to find the most informative, interesting or relevant news story from a news source relevant to your audience and write a blog post about it on your blog;  summarising the key points and takeaways and adding your own insight and perspective.

Finish with a strong blog post image and  provide attribution by linking to the original source of the story.

These posts are quick and easy to create, are topically relevant and offer a range of benefits for your site.  Check out the original post for a refresher.

I’ve got some data below to show you just how effective this strategy can be in generating targeted organic traffic.

Traffic Case Study – How Much Traffic do Curated News Posts Bring?

The website concerned was a small site in a moderately competitive space.  The business was local in nature and the best possible outcome would have been to rank on page 1 for their City + Keyword.

That was the long-term goal,  but the short term ranking goal was “Suburb + Keyword”

Given budgetary constraints we focused on a local seo campaign and content publishing using curated news.

We wanted to grow the site size and add topically relevant content to the site because all that existed was a home page and a few service pages. So we started publishing regular curated news blog posts about their industry focusing on industry news and new product releases.

Key Points

Time Period – The campaign ran for 16 months, from January 2014 to April 2015.  The site had two months worth of traffic data prior to the commencement of starting to publish curated news posts.

 # Blog Posts Published – The total number of posts published during this period was 111 posts which equated to approximately 7 a month. The goal was to publish 10 news posts  a month but sometimes it was a slow news month.

Average Length of Post – The average blog post ran anywhere from 300 words to 500 words.  The goal here was not to subscribe to some artificially created # of words.  Rather it was to be able to write concise informative news posts where we provided the facts and added our own opinion,  such that the reader didn’t need to visit the original source.

Types of Content Published – We published a mix of written text, images, and videos.  Images and videos received supporting text descriptions.

The Results

Organic Traffic

The chart below shows the growth in organic traffic over time.


Organic Conversions

The chart below shows the number of conversions (inquiries) from organic traffic over time.

Organic Conversions

# of Landing Pages Generating Organic Traffic

The chart below shows the # of pages that generated traffic from organic sources over time.


Understanding the Results

By  publishing regular, news blog posts that were relevant to their audience we achieved the following results.

  1. More people were finding these news posts in organic search when they were searching on a specific topic. For many of them this was the first time that they had seen the website or brand.
  2. Because the topic of the posts was about new products in the marketplace, the business, which sold a second-hand versions of the products was ideally placed to become an alternative purchase choice when these visitors were ready to do business.  This was reflected by the matching growth in inquiries from organic traffic.
  3. By adding new blog posts each month, the business was effectively growing it’s visibility in organic search.  Akin to fishing with a bigger net.

Other Strategies to Benefit from this Organic traffic

While there was a  subsequent increase in inquiries, most businesses will typically not make a sale or get an inquiry the first time a visitor finds a blog post blog post.  To ensure that you don’t lose that visitor forever,  there are several things you can do to further develop the relationship with that visitor and give you a second chance to sell them something.

  1. Implement a retargeting campaign so you can market to that visitor when they leave your website
  2. Encourage the visitor to follow you on social media by making your social channels prominent on your website and offering value for those who follow you.
  3. Get their email address by offering something of value in exchange for their email address.  This will allow you to continue the relationship via email.

If you are interested in using news content to grow your business then you can sign up to a content campaign here.