Content Marketing Framework Infographic

In March 2014 I presented at SMX Sydney on the topic of a Practical Content Marketing Framework. I created this infographic to explain in simple terms the core concepts of the Content Marketing Framework.

Why Use a Content Marketing Framework?

The reason I created the framework was to help me and others understand  how all of these various activities that people call “Content Marketing” come together to help a business achieve it’s ultimate business goals.

Also I couldn’t stand seeing generic blog posts being pitched as a link building strategy and now I can point at this infographic and say “See, content needs to do this to add value”

The framework recognises that content marketing is not a replacement for link building and that different activities can have different goals which means they have different measures of success and time frames within which to achieve that success.

I’ve got to give a big shout out to some great minds,  without whom, pieces of this puzzle would not have come together for me.

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