Brisbane Rhinoplasty Surgeon SEO Case Study

The Problem

Our client was Dr Chris Oosthuizen who had recently launched a brand new website and was looking to ensure that he had visibility in the Brisbane Rhinoplasty market.

The new site was built by the web development team at Total Medical Design with whom we had worked previously.

The goal? To rank on page 1 for “Rhinoplasty Brisbane” which has 590 monthly searches as well as other relevant keyword terms used by prospective patients.

The Solution

We identified the following challenges that wome with launching a brand new website.

  1. No Brand Visibility – As a brand new site, we had to ensure that at a minimum we ranked for searches for Dr Oosthuizens personal name so we included it in the relevant page titles to ensure he ranked for his own name.
  2. No backlinks – As the site was completely new it had no backlinks. Backlinks, which are links from third-party websites to your website are one of the main ranking factors in Google. We had to address this to ensure it was able to get found in Google.
  3. No on-page content – Google likes to see a certain amount of relevant, quality content on website pages. We helped Dr Oosthuizen to write optimised web copy that was good for patients as well as Google.
  4. Page Speed and technical optimisation – We worked with the team at Total Medical Design to build a fast-loading mobile optimised website to allow it to rank.
  5. Domain Name Selection – Much discussion was had with regard to domain name selection. We always approach building websites with the goal of building a valuable asset for the business. Do we build a site on the Dr’s own name or use a more keyword-rich domain name? Ultimately we chose the keyword-rich domain name which we felt would assist in acquiring rankings quickly despite Google stating that exact match domains no longer confer a ranking advantage.

The Results

The campaign was a 6-month SEO program of improvements.

This chart shows the growth in the # of keywords that the site is showing up for in Google search.
This chart shows the current top ranking keywords including the primary target “rhinoplasty brisbane”.

This campaign secured all page 1 rankings for the primary Brisbane Rhinoplasty-related terms which you can see above and has allowed Dr Oosthuizen to grow his practice accordingly.

What you should do now

If you’re looking for similar results for your business you should Contact us and we can discuss whether your business is a suitable candidate for one of our campaigns.