How to Actually Make Social Media Marketing Work for your Business

If you are constantly being pitched social media campaigns that consist of publishing generic feel-good images, funny videos and pictures of cats in the hope that they will entice customers to buy from you then this post will be of interest to you.

In the post,  Neil basically outlines the key things to be aware of or understand before you start a social media marketing campaign.
Key Takeaways:

  1. Remember that even though you are marketing to a business you are communicating with a single human being
  2. Try to focus on one single channel at a time as they all have different content requirements and audiences
  3. Be very clear about who your customer is and what their buyer journey looks like
  4. Decide whether you are after branding and authority and positioning OR you need actual conversions such as signups and sales
  5. Create content relevant to your audience and with your goals in mind and then use paid social traffic such as Facebook ads or Linked In ads to get it in front of the audience

B2B social media marketing can appear complex.  But, if you break it down, it’s actually quite simple.

Provided that you focus your efforts, understand how to reach the right people and generate goodwill in the process, it all starts to make sense.

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