A Letter to SEOs Everywhere – Just Stop Spamming (Clients)

Dear Buddy (not his real name)

I saw what you did there. To my mate’s website.

Yeah, don’t deny it.

I’m writing to tell you to up your game.

Now I’ve made a commitment this year to think more positive thoughts and to walk a mile in your shoes before I make a judgement and so on.

So I’m going to assume you just don’t realise that you were potentially flushing your/my clients business down the toilet with your “low-cost SEO”

When I found out the other day that someone was doing SEO on my mates website, I felt compelled to see what you were doing (because that’s what I do right 🙂 )

So I had a sticky beak at what you’ve been doing and yep, his site was on page 1.

He’s been telling me how good business has been since he started this “optimisation thingy.”

But I’ve got to tell you when I looked at his links, I felt sick in my stomach.JUST-STOP-SPAMMING

Ohh those links.

Really? It’s 2016 dude.

You have built some really, really shitty spammy links for his website.

Yes I know, Google says they are not supposed to work. But they do.

For a while.

I saw that you mixed up the anchor text nicely but you didn’t even take the time to try to get him listed in quality local business directories.

Not even one.

You know (Unless you’ve been living under a rock) that these links won’t last.

One day, Google is going to ignore them or worse,  penalise my mate’s site.

Now don’t tell me that’s all you can do for $500 bucks a month.

I get that it’s not a massive budget but there are a whole bunch of ways you can add value to his site without spamming it.

It’s like me finding out my doctor is using second-hand needles.

“They’ve got some life in them.. they are still sharp.”

Or if my airline is using second-hand jet engines when they service their jets.

At some point, somethings going to go wrong and the shit’s gonna hit the fan.

In this case, my mates website will disappear from Google and the traffic and business he is currently enjoying will go with it. Pffft!

Mate, I’ve been there. Back in the early days of the web, everyone used crappy links to win.

But it’s 2016, and you know damn well that one day Google is gonna kick the door to the house down and start repossessing stuff.

So stop doing what you are doing to your client’s websites.

Stop building shitty fake links for cheap.

Invest the time to learn how to add real value to your clients business.

I get it, not all of your clients are going to care and still want those overnight results for nothing.

So educate them as best you can or move on.

But don’t prey on the ignorance of your clients, take their money and give them short-term wins at the cost of their business.

You can do better.


P.S. If you want to have a chat about  long-term sustainable SEO then give me a call.