Edmund PelgenHow Do I Help Business Get Found in Search Engines?

  • By Teaching them how to do it themselves

  • By doing it for them.

My name is Edmund Pelgen.  I’ve worked with some of Australia’s leading businesses advising them on SEO & Content strategy.

Now I work one on one with business owners and marketing executives helping them  grow their online visibility.

What is Online Visibility?

YOURS FREEmindmap-small
A 6 Step Mind Map to Get Your Website Ranking Online

Ever wish you had a plan that told you exactly what to do to get a result?  You know,  just what works in the right order?

Well,  here’s your chance.  Get my 6 Step Mind Map that shows you my process for taking invisible websites and getting them found in Google.


I have training programs that include my Signature Program – Grow Online Visibility and more tactical programs that you can implement immediately in your business

Why pay for SEO when you can DIY.

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My 4 month Online Visibility Campaign designed to take invisible websites and get them found in search engines.  When you just want someone to do it for you.  For business owners and marketing executives.

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Edmund easily stands out from the Digital Marketing experts within Australia. Edmund’s technical ability is second to none, qualifying him for a unique group of Digital Marketing leaders within the Australian field.   Edmund is a world class presenter, teacher and authority in the field of online marketing and someone who’s ability speaks for himself.

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