Are you asking these questions about your business website?

This is one of the most common issues that business owners and marketing managers face once they have invested in their website.

It's common whether for a brand new site or for existing sites, and even recently redeveloped websites.

Often the work that matters most about building websites is left until the end. "How will it get found?"

We call this Online Visibility, and our job is to fix it for our clients.

Improving the Online Visibility of your website means we help you get your web site found more often and for better results on search engines (specifically Google) and other online locations.

(Read more: Explaining Online Visibility).

With more than 12 years extensive experience across corporate and SME business online marketing campaigns Online Kickstart helps improve the Search Engine Visibility of Australian websites.

The types of problems we solve are:

Getting a site found for the first time on search engines

Helping a website get better results / rankings

Fixing penalties that a website has been hit with by a search engine

Finding out why a site isn't ranking or has disappeared

There are 2 ways we help you fix these problems:

By Teaching you how to do it

We have developed quality easy to use, practical online training courses on how to fix and improve your online visibility.

These courses are designed to teach you how to do it for your business. You just have to invest the time.

Or By Doing it for you

We can actively run and manage campaigns to improve your online visibility for you while you go about doing what you do best.

Our Online Visibility Service is a highly structured approach to making sure you get better visibility on search engines.